More Police Cars

impala_cop_car.jpg (162 KB)

police_car_japanese.jpg (55 KB)

60_police%20car2006.jpg (886 KB)

policemichigan.jpg (39 KB)

Couple more police cars I found.
Nissan Skyline
Ford Crown Vic
Dodge Charger
Chevrolet Impala

Which ones have you been in the back of?

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    Shit’s outta order. Two Impalas in there, and no Nissan. Fuck the police.


    i was in the Impalas a lot in 1998 and 1999. but the front seat – i worked on the steering column.

    Oshawa Ontario is a boring, boring city.


    Looks like 2 of the same Impala, a Nissan and a Charger to me. And I’m not even sure that is a Skyline, although it could be.


    It looks likes an R32 or R33 Skyline. It’s definitely not an R34. I suppose it could be a Silvia, but I thought they had a smaller rear-end.


    i fucking hate cops.

    i wish there were no cops.

    i’d rather take my chances with the 2nd amendment.


    @natedog: you know what so cool about that method? you have the addition of wiping out allot of people. mostly men.


    The campus police here drive Dodge Charges. It is kinda hilarious cause the speed limit is only like 25mph, and the campus just isnt that big. Why do they need Dodge Chargers?


    @jasonp: To be hip and cool?


    been the back of a Plymouth Fury, a Dodge Diplomat (i think), a Chevy Malibu, and a Ford Crown Vic. hehhehheh…


    @jasonp: Because they were given a deal by the local Dodge dealer, that’s why.