A word of WARNING in regards to Disney Premier Access and Black Widow

Natasha confronts her history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake.

“Premier Access” does not give you the ability to watch the movie on it’s release night of 7/8/2021, but only gives you access to the film after it’s “Official” release date of 7/9/2021. Here in my hometown there’s at least 40 showings of the film that start in about an hour and a half, so it’s hard to understand why Disney is making anyone spending $30 on a single movie for a single person wait until a full day after the rest of the world has an opportunity to watch it.

I spoke with a CSR with Disney+, and as you can imagine they had no idea what the complaint was, repeating that the “official release date for Premier Access is 7/9”. Well that’s all well and fine, but that’s not what happening here in the real world. This is obviously going to be the last time that I try this Premier Access program, it just isn’t work the money that i’m spending on it. I realize that Disney is an empire built on hubris, but there’s no way that this film is worth more than what I would get from a $25 AMC A-List subscription: 3 movies a week, on the day of release, and any format I want. With DPE, I get to spend $30 for a single film, wait a day after release, and only on my couch.

It’s an ok couch, but not $30 per movie ok. Actually, it’s a terrible couch and I need to replace it, but alas, I’m still broke from my own terrible financial decisions.

Here’s the release schedule for a local theater


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    1. jdropp says:

      You’re either ignoring or missing the idea that you’re paying $30 to watch the movie at home – with as many people as you’d like, with repeated viewings and much cheaper snacks.

      If I were to take my nieces and nephew (which I probably am) tomorrow’s matinee would cost us $40 for the four of us, plus concessions (I’d guess at minimum another $30 for a a couple popcorns to share and a drink)… so now we’re at $70 (again: minimum)… for what would end up costing substantially less at home, even with the $30 premium.

      But, I get it: nothing beats the theater experience. Before COVID, I was at the theater every Sunday evening. I like that it’s a pure movie experience – no electronics to distract me, no noise, just the dark theater and a movie to get lost. You don’t get that at home.

      • tiki god says:

        the most a trip to the movies costs me is the $25 a month that I would be paying for the A-List subscription through AMC. You’re either ignoring or building a strawman here if you think I’m referring to you and your family when I’m clearly talking about myself.

        I mean no offense, but all the things you mention in your comment are evidence of lack of self control. You “have to” buy food at the theater? you couldn’t turn off your own noise creating devices at home? Theaters are were the distractions are that we have no control over, like people talking, people munching on that $70 box of popcorn they “had to” buy, getting on their phones, or letting their 2 year old play on it’s tablet in the middle of the movie. At home I don’t have any of those problems and can actively pause the movie if my house happens to catch fire.

        The point of my original rant was the release date. Why make the people wait a full extra day when they’re paying 3x the normal price for the movie?

        I do hope you enjoy your trip to the movie tomorrow though, stay strong and tell the kids that making the connection between food and movies is an unhealthy one and that they should learn self control, it’ll greatly benefit them down the road!

        • jdropp says:

          No you are not clearly not talking about yourself in your statement. Your first sentence refers to other people… you go on to mention “anyone” and a “single person” — etc etc.

          We get it – you don’t like the Disney Premier plan – so much so that you’re willing to stoop to personal attacks when someone counters your skewed argument against it. (Seriously – “lack of self control”? – that’s immature at best).

          As far as your sacred “original point” – to paraphrase you: clearly evidence of self control. The idea that delaying the streaming by less than 12 hours (depending on time zone) because you couldn’t wait?

          As far as attacking my nieces and nephew. That’s just disgusting… as someone who has come to this site for years and years (admittedly, I don’t see much of the comments), that’s just low. Those kids are well educated and healthy – if I opt to treat them to a movie, it’s because I want to treat them and spoil them. If you want to exaggerate my statement and add that they “had to” have these snacks is just bullshit.

          To insinuate and attack my character – and my nieces and nephew – with the fallacy that they aren’t educated on movies/healthy choices is wrong.

          • tiki god says:

            I’m sorry you’re unable to see the problems with what you originally said and have decided to try to turn it all around as a personal attack on yourself.

            It’s not about you. Or your family. This whole thing is about D+ and the bullshit they’re trying to pull, but you stepped in and tried to make it all about you.

            • Bolthorn says:

              I may regret wandering into this but here goes.

              The official release date of Black Widow is July 9th in the U.S. I think that’s where you both are located but I’m not 100% sure.

              Movie theaters are sometimes able to negotiate having screenings earlier than the official release date. Production companies like this because they can claim those box office receipts as being part of the weekend so it looks like the movie did even better than it did on just Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Sunday is mostly projections anyhow since the numbers come out Sunday night usually). I’ve been to a lot of screenings of movies over the years where the movie officially releases on a Friday but we’re sitting in the theater watching that movie sometimes as early as Wednesday. So even though there were showings in the theater on the 8th, the official release date was the 9th.

              You two are talking past each other a bit here as well. $30 at home for one person or family is a great value and is not for some other person or family. The nice thing with this movie is we have the option to do either and neither is wrong.

              And man, talking to a CSR over the phone you’re almost always dealing with someone that doesn’t really give a shit, being paid shit, and reading from a script that if they deviate too far from, they get written up for doing so. How many times have we had to call our ISP and the first thing they say is “I need you to reboot your modem” and even when you tell them you’ve already done that (because you have) they ask you to do it again? Seems like every time I’ve called them with a complaint about the internet being out, that’s always step one on their script.

              We chose to watch it at home. Due to the number of people in our family the cost was going to be about the same since we started going to a smaller, less expensive, theater. One member of our family is not yet vaccinated and asked that we watch it at home. But I don’t begrudge anyone that decided to go to the theater. I wanted to personally but I’m not going to ask a family member to do something they don’t feel safe doing just for a movie.

            • tiki god says:

              lmao, you just summed up both points but still missed the point of the OP, which was that the advertisement was to watch it at the same time as everyone else in the theaters.

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