Salma Hayek’s Oktoberfest Bewbs

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Happy Oktoberfest!

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    Let me just say that I’ve always really liked Salma… 🙂

    Special Kail

    really liked? she’s goddamn gorgeous. and im pretty sure there’s a little bit of nip slip in the last one.


    Some woman you just want to do.. and some you want to marry…. She’s a keeper!


    Selma is still a uber babe.


    er Salma


    Is it wrong to want to be the creepy dude in shades during this shoot?


    SumoSnipe: He reminds me of an aged version of that Mexican action star that they have on King of The Hill.


    Caption for the 2nd pic. Creepy shades guy:”You have nice boobs”, Salma:”I have nice boobs!”, Gay looking guy on the left:”Ooooh! Who does your hair!”


    dude i want to adjective verb her noun as bad as the next noun, but the dress is pretty gross, i think she’d look better without it.


    The dress is a Dirndl and was engineered by Bavarians to expose as much breast as possible without crossing the line to total porn.

    It is the only proof I have that there may be a God, and that he may not be such a bad guy.

    Crap – make that 2 reasons. I forgot fermentation…


    OMG. Do WANT!


    Qumefox: The guy to the right is the gay one in this scene…. left hand guy has much bigger balls than many of us here in MCS. He won the last F1 Grand Prix at Monza with an absolutely inferior car.


    this is from the german tv-show “Wetten dass ..?”

    the guy with the shades is karl lagerfeldt, a german fashion designer aka stupid idiot cocksucker


    I believe that you are right on all accounts. Not that I watch Wetten dass anymore – it’s pure crap.

    Lagerfeld reminds me of my girlfriends grandfather. He wore sparkly women’s sunglasses for almost 2 years. The first year no one wanted to insult the poor old guy by telling him. The second year a few people did tell him and he just got pissed because “I bought them, they cannot be women’s glasses”…

    Karl Lagerfeld is like that. Some day somebody will tell him that those fingerless gloves do not go with a suit.

    Besides – it is good to see Lagerfeld out in public and not parked in the corner of some retirement home crapping himself.

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