Your top 3 horror movies. GO.

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No 1 – The Exorcist, directed with unbelievable intensity by a madman. Scares the crap out of me. And I’m an atheist!

No 2 – The film Martin Scorsese describes as the scariest film ever made. A ghost story with no visible ghosts.

No 3 – Alien. A horror/sci-fi hybrid with the best monster ever created on film and loads of psycho-sexual subtext.

Honorable mentions go to The Thing, The Fly and some recent films by James Wan who I think could become a great horror director, he’s a genius at misdirection for example, problem is he’s still terribly young. Give him time to mature and he’ll be up there with the greats.

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    #1: The Shining
    #2: Aliens (If this doesn’t count: Tucker and Dale vs Evil)
    #3: Jesus Camp


    I don’t judge how good a horror movie is by how scared I get, the movie can be good and be in the category of horror.

    When I first watched the Shining I found it more “creepy” than scary, but it kicks ass as a movie.


    dont watch the documentary Room 237. itll ruin the shining for you forever. and i agree. the exorcist is the scariest horror flick.


    youre saying finding out that jack was reading a playGIRL magazine in the lobby, made the movie better for you in some way…