Gay Flag

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    This picture is gay.


    Hooray! This made my day, tiki.


    Oh darling, this picture is FABULOUS!

    bright green

    I gotta say, gay or not it is a very nice flag.


    Absolutely GORGEOUS.




    They even kept the colors in the right order. Hurray for ROY G BIV!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Or the Incan Flag


    gay flag is gay


    also, phatstack, you’re short a color

    tl;dr FAIL


    True, but the colors they do have are in the right order. No one gives a damn about indigo anyway.


    If i actually saw anyone put this flag out in public i would open fire on them



    tiki god

    yeeeah, that’s great. Either you live in your mother’s barn, or you’re just an idiot. I see this flag usually on a daily basis out on the road. I generally think that bumper stickers are stupid in any case though, so I just roll my eyes when people try to tell me their sexual orientation through a bumpersticker.


    definitely a flag that deserves to be burned!


    Love it.

    You will see this flag on every gay bar across Europe – and it means that your welcome to come in and have a good time. And typically a lot of laughs.

    Highly recommended: Kings Club, Stuttgart; Homo Erectus, Brussels.


    By come on in and have a good time, do you mean enter our establishment and get your pickle smoked by a dude? I’ll pass on that, thanks anyway.


    You do that, and when you’re being arse rapped in jail for the next 25 years, all those more tollerant of peoples differences will be enjoying our [non-ass-raped] freedom.


    Mmm intolerance, my favourite colour. I’m a bisexual, polyamorous switch, married to a bisexual man and in another relationship with a straight man. I like my rainbow colours, why should I have to choose just one?


    Tiki, I don’t about you, but most of the people I see with a rainbow sticker on their car don’t really need to advertise their sexual orientation, it’s normally very evident.

    My question is, why is it important for a homosexual man to publically state they like a flesh pipe repeatedly shoved up their nether regions until discharge? Why not keep one’s “private” activities private?

    tiki god

    It is somewhat sad to see the “simple people” come out and make their simple statements. “God Good” “Queers bad” “women dumb”




    Your assuming that every gay male must receive penetration from their male partner to be gay! when this is not the case for many gay males! i personally hate having my boyfriends penis in me and would rather swallow every last ml of his sperm for the alternative is such a waste!


    “Your assuming that every gay male must receive penetration from their male partner to be gay!” That’s not what I said, but since you brought it up, isn’t a willing male who is recieving sexual penetration from another male considered gay? Isn’t that pretty much the definition? Also, I didn’t assume, I specified a common action between gay men, and by your own discription it still sounds like it’s still inside, even if it’s in a different orfice. Still, what’s the point of proclaiming to the world about something one is supposedly born with, it’s like me putting a sign… Read more »


    each color means something or not? or the complet flag(indigo included) means diferent sexual orientations?


    I just think it’s lame that one group stole refracted light. Pretty greedy gays.


    @ Gor: You make a good point at the end, one thats a huge issue between the homosexual and heterosexual community. Privacy is something is often misunderstood and misinterpreted with freedom of speech issues.

    @ kazutora: I think you’re missing the point. You’re very accurate about the um…yeah…but I think Gor was saying when does Privacy cross that boundary between personal freedom and public exposure.