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viciously. please.

Chet Manley

So much for free speech.


Let the record show that fink supports the right to shout “fire!” in a crowded theater for the sole purpose of causing a panic, as well as the right to insult someone over something they have no control over (you don’t choose sexual orientation) repeatedly for the sole purpose of being a hurtful dickbag.

If we deleted christianity from the world, those guys would still have found an excuse to show up and get some people riled up. IRL trolls.


Is it me or was it that straight couple starting most of it? Or maybe alcohol? And also, for God’s sake man, buy a belt.


I’m not saying that the attack was right, but the street preachers were fucking ASKING for it. They showed up for the sole purpose of insulting people to their face and starting shit.

tiki god

of course they were asking for it, iirc, this is exactly what they want to have happen. Now they have a civil case on their hands and they’re able to sue the attackers.

Chet Manley

Let the record show that saborlas supports the legal defense of “she was asking for it” in rape cases.


I think his argument is more along the lines of ‘Fighting words’. You have a right to free speech but if you go up to a Jew and call them a kike they can argue that it was you starting the actual fight not them as that was an attempt to antagonize and insult them.