marry your cousin

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    I’ll give the Republicans credit for sneakiness on this one, the GOP picked the right time to put it on the ballot. By making it an issue on the ballot during the GOP primary they insured that most people voting were on thier side. It makes me sad to be a resident on NC.


    Which I find funny because the few homosexual people I know are conservative, religious, well educated, and have outstanding morals.


    So, you’re tacitly assuming that there’s something wrong about someone marrying their cousin. And what would that be? Why would it be wrong? Is it because they have a higher probability of having children with birth defects than if they weren’t related? Is that the reason? Are they saying that if a couple isn’t 100% sure of producing defect-free children, they shouldn’t be allowed to marry? Is that the argument GAY PEOPLE would want to make regarding who should and who shouldn’t be allowed to marry? This is the kind of argumentation that only serves to make most people assume… Read more »

    Not needed

    Sounds like we got ourselves here a cousin lover! yeeehaw!


    Naw, it’s just saying that you’re a pathetic, provincial shut-in who can’t be bothered to get to know members of the opposite sex outside of your own family.


    I personally don’t have a dog in this fight as I am married and a parent. However I say this; if gays get to legally marry, then I demand that Poligamy comes next!

    Two wives for me? Hell yeah!


    You’re married and want another wife?

    I’d love to hear you explain that to your SO.


    Easier to do with some wives than others. Threesomes too 😉


    Yo animus: It was the Dem’s who chose the primary vs the general election. The GOP wanted the latter but needed Dem votes so they accepted the former. Google it.


    Seriously? That makes it even worse.