Kicksass Grandpa Lays Smackdown on B-Word Daughter

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    People are born nauseated by gay sex in the same way some are born gay and grandpa’s letter was debunked ages ago.

    /liberal totalitarian sheep bullshit


    So what you’re saying is some people are born gay and some people are born assholes?


    Apparently bigots are too stupid to understand what they read. Guess you just missed the part where he says she made a CHOICE to be “hateful, narrow minded and backwards”


    Umm…are you replying to me? I was replying to Mr born nauseous above…


    That’s an irrational assertion. People are born nauseated by gay sex in the same way gay people aren’t into straight sex, you stupid fucks. Faggots and the sheeple are intolerant of those people. Maybe her reasoning is something else but even if everything else gets trumped by your astonding liberal logic two guys suckiong each other off will always make straight people want to rip their eyes out and vomit at the same time. That’s the reality you guys don’t even know about even though if you’re straight then like it or not you are not into men fucking each… Read more »


    Got an actual rebuttal?


    Right, because you sure see a lot of young children, who have yet to learn adult inhibition, propagating intolerance for homosexuality.


    this cunt is selfishly afraid of what others will think of her, not him.