Tape Collection

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Automotive pinstriping tape collection. Electrical tape collection. I used to be a journeyman auto painter- now I am a journeyman electrician.

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    You also seem to be collecting collections. So lame, I registered just to make that observation. But please, be gentle, I’m a chick. And not an ugly one, which would mean I would have to compensate by being really smart and funny. I’m kidding, I obviously am really smart and funny.

    tiki god

    welcome to MCS GreenFairy, anyone’s welcome to register just to make observations 😉


    Well, thanks for the welcome. I have a feeling I’ll be making a lot of observations, it’s kinda my thing. And, storminator, don’t worry… A lot of stuff is good, in my case that means mostly clothes and books. Mix that with an inclination for untidiness and you’ve got a very high risk of breaking your legs just walking across the room. Is your stuff that dangerous?

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