mexica warrior vs superman

azt vs sm.jpg (36 KB)

This statue was made in “dia de muertos” or day of death or in other words halloween

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    he beats superman because he uses Kriptonite instead of jade on his sword.


    Dia de muerto means the day of the dead in Mexico and is a celebration of the dead and the lives they lead. And as far as I know, the day has nothing to do with Halloween whatsoever.

    T G Geko

    I knew someone would complain about the halloween comparison


    Of course someone’s going to mention the difference between Dia de los Muertos and Halloween – it’s like saying Easter and St Patrick’s day are the same because they both involve fictional characters and mass consumption of something that’s not good for you.


    Yeah, but that’s only because Americans are ignorant of other cultures and their customs. USA! USA!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I read this issue. Mexica Warrior and Superman fight for while, then realize they’re on the same side and team-up to defeat zombie Lex Luther.


    Was St. Patrick fictional? I know he’s exaggerated but I think the actual confession has never been questioned for authenticity, that I know of.
    Anyway, Dia de los Meurtos inspired Grim Fandago which makes it awesomer than Superman in my book. Ever played a good Superman game?


    I was thinking more of leprechauns than the actual St. Patrick.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Halloween is more real than the day of the dead because first world countries celebrate it. Validation through economic power, bitches. Sorry…senioritas.


    Correction… Dia de los muertos is on November 1st and 2nd, and as other have already stated, it has NOTHING to do with Halloween. Similar to the Catholic All Saints Day, which is November 1st, followed by All Souls Day, which is November 2nd.

    Check your facts man!!