Sounds Like Someone Had A Case of The Mondays

[edit: since some of you have no concept of black comedy, I’ve provided a wikipedia link to a description]
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    I know your going for humor man, but this just isn’t funny. I don’t see how anyone can try and make this humorous when there are 33 people dead because of this man. Who knows what went though his mind to trigger this, but I just don’t see the point in trying to make something like this funny when it’s a tragedy.


    hahhaha . hilaroius

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Literally laughed out loud, dude.



    Read if you don’t get the joke.


    Haha these just get better and better…


    Hey, if I lived in the US I would have pulled off a Cho by now.


    I can hardly believe that I am seeing this. I hope all of you burn in hell for this. You know that as you laugh at this you laugh in the faces of the mourning family of the innocent dead students from this tragic situation. I am disgusted with the state that this world is in.


    Enough with the VT BS. It’s not funny.


    America, fuck yeah!


    Get bent ScreamLove.

    Fucking emo.


    ScreamLove, why is laughing in the faces of the mourning families worse than self-righteously ranting in the faces of the mourning families? I’m being serious. Joking is a way for people to deal with and understand difficult situations. Self-righteously ranting just pisses people off. Pissed off people shoot everyone in school. Think about it.

    Captain South America

    This is just humor, so take a chill pill. I would assume the US would be used to events like this. You know with all the violence we promote overseas….I blame Iraq. you know why not?


    Horrible for all the ones who died and their families, YES. But come on, like all you people here don’t laugh at nazi jokes? Seeing something as funny doesen’t mean you like it. It means that you have a sense of humor and irony. Come on, lighten up. =)

    Some Guy

    There is a early 80s song by the Boom Town Rats called “I Don’t Like Mondays” and is based on a true story of school shooting in San Francisco where a 16 year old girl opened fire on a playground across the street from her house and when they asked her why she did it she replied “I don’t like Mondays”. This post reminded me of that. Also say what you like about America but despite our current governmental problem it’s still a pretty great place to live. I say this has someone who has traveled exstensively inside and outside… Read more »


    You people are horrible. And to the ass hole who says that laughing at it is a way to deal with it, what the hell are you dealing with? Did you know them? Where you their friends? I’m willing to bet no. You have no idea what these people are going through so you should just shut your mouth. A friend of mine was killed during 911. When the brother of this friend saw all of the internet jokes that followed in the wake of this tragedy he smashed his laptop and cried for three hours. You people have no… Read more »


    And what the fuck does that get you, crying or being angry? Does it bring those people back to life, or undo the tragedy somehow? No, it just drains you. People who laugh at tragedy don’t do it because they don’t find it disturbing, they do it because what else can you do? Hide from life? Curl up in foetal position? Joking about shit like that is how people find the strength to understand it. So yeah, people come to terms with horrible things by joking, and it might seem callous, but it’s better than being a worthless pussy. Because,… Read more »


    haters need to shut up. this is funny. and so is this


    Chill, get a life, go close the door to your basement and tell your parent’s it’s ok…
    And remember there are a lot more atheists here than one might think…This guy was a whacko. The comment is true and irreverent.
    And to the Jebus Freak earlier, well, nevermind you’ll find out soon enough.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Will somebody change Dionysius? Her diaper is leaking all over her pretty pink panties.


    Whenever faced with a “big tradgedy” I just do the Titanic trick. Think forward in a hundred years, and wonder how some giant company will make it into a video ga… hmm…. I should program this.

    I could make a suicide mini game.

    xD I like being horrible sometimes.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    My god, what a bunch of whiny titty babies. It IS funny. Humor is a healthier way of dealing with tragedy than crying or smashing laptops or withdrawing. I’ll take ten offensive, inappropriate graphics like this over just one of those gay-ass images of japanimation shit (like that “Fagatar: The Last Turdbender” graphic that’s posted on the next page) any day.


    It’s been like 2 days since it happened. Stop whining and get over it already. Or smash your laptop and cry for three hours hahaha!

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Think of it how the fat bitch from Office Space says it and it’s really, really funny. It’s just so perfect that he did it on a Monday.


    Won’t somebody please think of the children!?!


    OK first of all everyone that goes to VTech qualifies as a god damned Narwhal.

    Second of all. LOL Kaze your game sounds funny little korean man running around shooting with his greasy face and crooked glasses


    What people have so far missed is that humor is subjective. If I knew someone who was involved in this tragedy, I probably wouldn’t want to see it. But not being personally involved, I enjoy the black humor.
    Laughing at the joke doesn’t mean condoning the massacre.
    If someone finds this picture offensive, and I could see how they would, please, don’t look at it.


    This isn’t funny at all, it’s very serious. I know because mondays happen to me every week:(

    Captain South America



    I want to laugh…but i can’t. thats horrible


    what’s wrong with narwhals..?

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    On cnn they had his roommates talking about how he had an imaginary supermodel girlfriend he called Jelly. She called him Spanky.

    what a loser!


    There are some of his playscripts that he wrote somewhere on AOL, one of them was about how much he wanted to kill his stepdad because of paranoid delusions..? Something like that.


    Kaze, you’re one sick little man. That’s mostly because you’re shorter than me and that I can beat you up but yeah, you’re still sick. 8D _>


    Oh yeah dude, when can I expect the game to be out?

    Uh, it’s for review purposes only of course.


    good stuff, this conversation i mean, the pic …..i could see how its really bad….and i could see how its really funny. but yeah people hfta stop being bitches and moaning. live with it
    you complaining about people doing stuff YOU dont like and do you ever take into account that
    1 nobody cares
    2you cant speak fore somebody you dont kno
    and 3 some people dont like it that you complain.
    so y not blog about you complaining. yeah
    just live with it. its sad
    i understand but i lived with it


    4. We cant read your post Yodz.


    Titties. Worthless, worthless titties.


    Too soon…

    Re: Wikipedia link – just because it’s black doesn’t make it “black comedy”. You need to actually make the effort to be funny as well 😉

    F*ck it, just leave the black humour (and irony whilst we’re at it) to the UK. We’re taking them both back, you’ve mistreated them and we’re not letting you have ’em any more. You can keep guns though. We’ll get buy fine without them as usual. Thank god. You may also keep “dick jokes” as well.


    Bush killed over $2000 American soldiers for stupid reasons, he’s just as bad.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    2 grand?

    Fuck he must have had a coupon.


    2 grand?

    More like 3 Brazilian!


    Uhm.. what the fuck?
    “$2000 american soldiers” Thats not a currency.


    I can resolve this….IT IS FUNNY…you know what’s funny about this…we were shocked at Columbine, but since then, we expect this sort of thing at least twice a year from America. Jesus, how sorry do you want the world to be???


    Come on people, it might be a little humorous, but really, it’s not funny.

    This… is… funny…


    oh but sir, repairman jack, but he did not kill 2000 soldiers($,?) those solidiers basically (even tho i hate to say it) committed suicide, because when they enlist, they know what the risks are and when you take risks you are as an individual responsible for those risks, and if your saying americans are only worth 1 dollar a piece, go to hell and fuck yourself

    Iu Zack

    Those soldiers were suicidal indeed – Bush didn’t kill them. He killed half a million Iraqi Civilians (If anyone bothers to care about them rather than the soldiers who killed them for change).

    Anyhow, nice pic 😀

    In a Handbasket

    Reading most of these comments has done more to wreck my faith in humanity than Cho ever could. Thanks a million, assholes.


    wow the debate between joking around and crying was a good one
    i still can’t decide whitch side im on

    Some Guy

    I didn’t know you could use the internet and still have faith in humanity.

    mAgNUS Buttfoorson

    Cho wrecked your faith in humanity and then internet comments took it even further?

    Whatever you do dude…don’t come out from under your rock. Things are fucked UP out here.

    Carlos the Jackal

    1. Been done before – Boomtown Rats song” I don’t like Mondays” based on the schoolyard massacre of Brenda Spencer, who said she did it for that reason. Try something original. 2.I can’t think of a single reason ANYONE would find humor in the senseless deaths of young people who are just getting their lives started 3. Yep mAgNUS Buffoonperson IS an asshole – you got a lot of guts telling some one else they live under a rock – I just know you’re the type to be your nasty true self hiding behind the anonymity of the IN, but… Read more »


    Carlos, Face to face, you would deny that the world if f’ked up? Boy, you got another thing coming. You’re not tied to mommy’s apron anymore, this is the real world. I could get sad at the shooting, which i certainly am. I could dwell on it and focus on nothing but the tragedy, like some seem to be suggesting. I could get ineffectually angry and change nothing. I could ignore it and demean the loss of those who died and the loss of their families. Or we could laugh at it, admitting its sad and tragic, lighten my heart… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I before e except after c Carlos.

    btw: for a guy named after a hitman you sure are nippley sensitive about killing.

    It doesn’t take a lot of guts to tell someone they live under a rock in person either. In person I’d rape you. I really would. Not to enjoy it, in fact I’d hate the act itself but the lasting scars it would leave on you both physically and mentally would be well worth it.

    So go fuck yourself you pussy ass little bitch. The real tragedy here is Cho didn’t blow your fucking head off too.


    Wow, someone else has actually read the Bourne novels. Props to Carlos.


    “I didn’t know you could use the internet and still have faith in humanity.”
    HAHA! How true. The internet….you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.


    Magnus, magnus, magnus, why do you let Carlos bother you??

    Some children’s mother’s don’t have big enough breasts to breast feed. And breast feeding is essential to ensuring the healthy development of someone’s brain.

    With understanding, comes compassion!!


    goddamn, people are getting to damn intense about a stupid picture


    All I know is this guy was twisted by violent video games. Even if he didn’t play them, their mere existence fed him. Jack Thompson said so and that is enough for me.


    This truly is entertaining, although hardly qualifying as hilarious. All you elitist UK wankers should probably be busy getting out of your completely fucked country instead of wasting time here.

    t. durden

    Nothing is sacred, because looking away from a situation and not adding comedy is like admitting it never happened… is that what you people want, to not remember? You will always remember that pic you are bitching about, mission accomplished.


    I laughed out loud.

    t. durden

    I’m still laughin every time i see this on my desktop, and so do most of my friends. The ones who don’t just don’t know who that asian is 😛

    raptor jesus



    Hahaha, that was awesome. I’ve been making fun of VT since day 1!


    Is Tarkam still butthurt?