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For anyone who’s visited the House on the Rock in southwestern WI, you know that there’s more random collections of bizarre unrelated crap (the collections contain related items but the collections themselves aren’t really related at all, just strung next to each other in a vaguely museum fashion).

Here’s a few pics of the freakshow collections of carousel animals, dolls, concrete elephants, mannequins, armor they have; there’s also a collection of Titanic-related documents, stained-glass constructions, room-sized automaton musicians, and much much more from what can only be described as an acid-induced warehouse of weird.

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    I think acid-induced warehouse of weird is a perfect description for The House on the Rock. I went in there once with my family, and I think it took me about 2 hours to re-adjust to reality by the time we made it out of there. The carousel with the red lanterns and the strange, demonic horses was a particular favorite. I think some of the collections in there are awesome, but they are arranged so poorly that they give me some kind of metal overload.


    Acid induced warehouse, yes. Insanely cool house, yes. Infinity room ftw, my wife hates walking out there especially when there is some wind, the whole thing sways a couple feet.