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In a recession there’s no money for any thing,
just like in a plague there wouldn’t be any hospitals becauses all the doctors would be dead.
Find a hole in that DieA., if you do, you win sex with me.

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

No it isn’t.

Libraries don’t help anything other than make half wits feel smart for sitting somewhere and being seen reading.

tiki god

you’re stupid. if you stop educating the public, then the public won’t be smart.

then they won’t get good jobs, and we’ll have service techs instead of goldman sachs executives.

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

Who the hell uses a library anymore besides the computer illiterate?

Education needs to be progressive and updated.

Go to a library. They’re full of homeless people, retarded people, and people using them for free internet access.

Your logic is what’s stupid, holmes.


I’m graduating from Penn State University in a week and a half. We have several huge libraries on campus, yet the only time I’ve set foot in one was because a class met there and required it, and twice to meet with a group and do group work that used a computer in the library yet used no books. When required to use non internet sources for projects or papers, I went to the library’s access to online databases for articles originally in journals, magazines or other print and again never set foot there. I’m graduating with a 3.3 cumulative… Read more »


Dude, I’m pretty sure the internet is the present and the recent past. 🙂




Blurry typeface in a recession is like scribes with shaky writing during a plague.

Luke Magnifico

Cutting libraries in a recession is like cutting the character scenes from Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome.

Sure, they’d be nice to have, but there are other scenes that do a decent enough job, and better they be cut than the scene where Max explains to the child tribe that he is not Captain Walker, that there is no tomorrow-morrow land and that they’re better off staying at the oasis.


Libraries have been spreading across the country for years Ms. Crumblehulme, like a plague.


She has, like, the best name evar.


It’s so awesome, I question its authenticity.


I couldn’t agree more. Our local library cut their hours last year and closed a couple days of the week. Everyone I know was flipping out. All the Dayton (Ohio) branches have such a great share system that you can get nearly anything – within reason. Sometimes you got a wait awhile, but who cares. I have Dexter’s first season waiting for me now (starting over again.) But, they submitted a levy and it passed – overwhelmingly. All is good.