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The Proposed Thirty-Eight States of the United States of America

Some guy came up with this map back in the 70’s. Each of the new states is centered on a city. Supposedly this would be so much more efficient, it would save the US $100/citizen.

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    We rly have a city called Cumberland?


    i like the US map from that episode of futurama… oyu know where kentucky is called ‘ucky and pennsylvania is penn republic…


    that’d be like convincing me how do do rocket science in order to save $00.50.


    Awesome example of a pipe dream.


    What a retard this guy is. Look at Alaska… Thats definately not centered around Kodiak… Try Anchorage. And Seward?! Seward’s in the south as well! So glad this didnt happen…


    Alamo’s a fucking city? (well, I’m sure it is somewhere in Texas). It sure as hell isn’t big enough to have a whole state centered around it.

    Alamo, exas

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Is everyone who thinks the names are supposed to be the cities, really that stupid? The map makes sense. Most of our state borders are drawn along rivers and such, but most of our major cities are also along those same geographical features. So there are a lot of administrative inefficiency because the population center in on an administrative boundary. Eg, Portland is right on the border between between Washington and Oregon with major suburbs on the other side of the border. Washington has no income tax and Oregon has no sales tax. So people can work where there is… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    Hear that? It’s the world laughing at the USA. You guys can’t even get along with each other.


    @The Matrix: Rebooted. Check out ‘El Dorado’. It seems to be centred around what? Reno? Tahoe? Desert in any case. The agriculture for that proposed state is all up in Napa, and the obvious population centre is the Bay Area? It just seems random and arbitrary to me. And there don’t seem to be any large cities in Highhorn or Littleroot, compared to El Dorado . This sees more like the Oblast system to me, except without the larger, overarching administrative districts. I can think of a few geographically small countries where this has worked in lieu of, say, strong… Read more »


    I guess Cochise would be centered right around Gallup, NM. I don’t understand why anyone would want to center a state around that town, but it makes me glad that this map didn’t go through.


    Oh, and most of Georgia would be tacked onto Florida, with Florida’s big city’s being significantly farther south? Northern Florida is already worlds away, in every respect, from the big cities. What is the point of this?


    Erm, there is still a small amount of terrorism in Ireland. While the US did negotiate a lot during the Clinton years and helped things quite a bit, Bush didn’t give a shit. Most of the progress has been made via Blaire (the only good thing he’s done), Paisley and Gery Adams, as well as the Republic of Ireland Government, which has petitioned for disarmament, promised a limited extradition treaty and so on. Wales and Scotland aren’t breaking away from the crown. They both now have more direct control of legislation relating to civil law. The Parliament of Scotland has… Read more »

    tiki god

    Northern florida has Tallahassee, which happens to have Tiki


    Well, I lived seven years in the Calgary, the Capitol of WESTERN ALIENATION, and I have to say, I never met one non-politician who actually felt alienated. It was just a phony bit of hype by the Reform Party, which no longer exists. Our current PM was a Reformer from the very riding I once lived in, and now that he actually has formed a government, he seems to have forgotten about the whole thing. . The First Nations do feel quiet alienated, but I’ve never heard them petition for Independence, and a constant theme in First Nations rhetoric is… Read more »


    Wewh, that post tired me out. I’m going down to Montana to see if there’s an ‘equal but different’ White Tree I can take a rest under.


    Wow, Alec. I used to respect your opinion, but give up on the American bashing. You’re like Diabeetus picking on Obama. It’s kind of funny at first, but eventually it just looks like you have an unnatural obsession.


    @douche: You are a retard.

    By separate ministries, that means the federal civil service is divided along the lines of Atlantic/Quebec/West/North. That is to say, the Regions on a federal level are managed by PMs from those areas in ways which do not cause band-aid solutions. Plus our Provinces have more power than your States.

    I think that it’s very interesting how you changed your entire position as soon as you thought you had some rhetorical strongpoint. Do you even know what multiculturalism means, or do you simply not have convictions beyond blind nationalism?


    Oh, and not to put to fine a point on it, but HAVE you been to Indian Territory in Oklahoma. Because I didn’t see too many voluntary flag-waving patriots down there, singing that Billy Joel song.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Check out ‘El Dorado’. It seems to be centred around what?” SF Bay, obviously. There just no point to extending borders out over the ocean. Nevada is an interesting example since the entire existence of its economy is based on exploiting the flaws that this type of redrawing of borders would eliminate. So if all of that money that is put into the casinos and hotels and it was instead spent in the local economy, would that be better? Honestly, I don’t know, its too complicated to determine from a back of the envelope estimate. But it is an interesting… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    You don’t have to be perfect yourself to laugh at others. Especially if those others are doomed.



    So I last heard, Canada was going to split up into two parts. One Quebec and the other Canadia.

    Hear that? It’s the world laughing at Canada. You guys can’t even get along with each other.


    I think it’s centered on Counties not cities. Either way though Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw dunno why ask the Native Americans that one if you can find any) is the northern most city/county on the lower peninsula.

    Cochise is a county in Arizona as well.


    I like boobs.


    @Douchelandia: 1) What are you talking about? 2) I’ve already wrote several tl;dr posts. If you really want to justify your metanarrative, Virgil, the burden of proof is on you. 3) Because this entire time you’ve been constructing this lovely mythos for your Country, involving people of all nations coming together to share a common dream and goal of democracy, I have dug up my ‘Best of Neil Diamond’ CD and played the track ‘America’ at least a couple dozen times, trying to find the answer to the question I’ve posed to you already: If you pride yourself on Canadian… Read more »


    Er, sorry, “American Meltingpot multiculturalism. I’ll try to be more concise: If you criticize Canada for the treatment of the First Nations, why do you so strongly imply that the Natives of the US (or white Americans for that matter) share the same Democratic dreams and goals that you do?

    All you’ve given me is a storybook tale, and I’m throwing information at you. Break the chains of your idealism and give me some research and ideological consistency please.