Not A Liberal


how can someone with bumper stickers like this feel safe driving around?  you’d think he would be lynched or at least have his truck keyed.

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    The best part is the Handicapable license plate.


    Why? One Word, ‘Kentucky’.


    He is one angry angry vet.


    Camouflage for a car bomb.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I don’t understand how someone like that isn’t completely ostracized from society. Even if you’re not Arabic or Muslim, that’s offensive.


    way to represent Kentucky! (I really have to get out of this shoddy state)


    No one messeds with his truck because you know the old ass cracker geyser driving it is packing heat with his lifetime NRA membership card.

    On a side note,, the one about throwing rocks and blowing themselves up is fucking hilarious.


    Who the hell makes/sells these things? Some of them aren’t even bumper sticker-ish…instead of being witty, they just blatantly state that s/he hates Arabs.

    I’m tempted to think maybe they make them themselves.


    I don’t know, I kinda like this picture. LET’S ROLL!




    I’m betting some of them are ‘shopped. But there are a few on there that are real.

    And we wonder why other countries hate us so…

    Oh, the irony…


    How is it that being mentally defective is a handicap that gets you better parking? That’s some shit.


    Take away the hate and it reminds me of my car. I have vinyl lettering on the top of the back glass reading: “Speed limit too slow? ” (South Florida driving sucks) I have a mooninites sticker, and two bumper stickers: The first: Carlin 1:3 – Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself The second: If you can read this, I hope you have good insurance. Also yeah, these look like they made them themselves, or had them made. I’m sure you can buy vinyl for home printers, but all mine were made at work (I work at a sign… Read more »


    Haha, he’s handicapped.


    nate, fuck off, quit spamming.


    1st Amendment – freedom of speech. They (muslims) can preach hate and murder, this guy can as well. I don’t have to agree with what he says to defend his right to say it.


    I agree, everybody’s free to say whatever they want. It’s just that people forget that if you preach the same hatred as the people you are railing against, you are no better than they are…