US Energy Flow

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    Alec Dalek

    “We have the power, excessive force; industrial soundtrack to the holy war.”


    The transportation industry (for buses in particular) is using more and more LNG, so why isn’t there a thing going from Natural Gas down to transportation? Also, some number of cities are using electric trains, where’s the reference to that?

    After typing all this out, my poor eyesight finally makes out the tiny invisible lines. Goddamn. I don’t feel like backspacing. Hey, do you guys like boobs?


    So… to eliminate at least HALF of the wasted energy we should kick these fuckhead energy production/distributions companies into shape! Screw making more efficient cars, they’ve got way more money to spend on better power lines then I do on a new car! (Oh wait, thas right, they GAVE the embezzling crook CEO of Ontario Hydro 3 million dollars to walk away from the company he bankrupted and stole from. Maybe that 27% is paying of HIS DEBT!)


    Can’t read the url in the corner? me either, but I found the source anyway:


    I need better glasses.

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