obama – pick up that can, citizen

obama - pick up that can, citizen

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    Does anyone besides me find it fucking appalling that people make such frivolous comparisons between Obama and the Nazis, a society that started the worst war in history and was responsible for the systematic extermination of millions of innocent “undesirable” people?

    …Besides, everyone knows that Bush/Rove were the Nazis.

    Billy Manic

    The Combine. Not the Nazis. Still inaccurate, though.

    Billy Manic

    Oh damn, I missed the whole red, white, and black color scheme and the SS thing. Woops. I guess Nazi AND Combine. Still inaccurate.


    No, you’re not. Even Dennis Miller with his nose wedged firmly up the Republican Party’s ass said it was disgusting…


    hm, this would be so awesome without the SS fields and W3D font. altho, yeah, inaccurate 🙂


    worst war in history??? are you retarded? Yeah, because all four of the “crusades” weren’t a big deal… go read a book damnit.


    A quick search brings me a number dead from all four crusades somewhere between 1 and 9 million. From World War 2, that number is around 50 to 70 million. So yeah, I’d say it’s the worst war in history.


    Are you referring to the Muslim crusades into Europe (Spain, France and Sicily) from about 700 to 1500, or the Christian Crusades into the Middle East from about 1100 to 1500? Both were bloody affairs and both based on religion.


    Or for that matter, the Muslim conquest of Constantinople, the Balkans, Hungary and much of central Europe up to Vienna in 1529 and again in 1683? Or the sporadic raiding parties hitting the Italian peninsula? There was a justifiable fear of the Ottomans sacking Rome up until the 1800s.


    Vote Obama-Our Benefactors ’12


    For fuck sake, I never heard so many people whine so much over nothing and for something they shamelessly did themselves not to long ago. This is what comes with being in power children. The liberals are in charge now, if you don’t like being the object of anti-establishment ranting than go back to being the minority party.


    I think its hilarious. When the Right was in power, the left screamed butt-hurt rape. Now that the Left is in power, the Right is screaming aforementioned butt-hurt rape. I think both sides need to learn how to deal with a little rejection and not take an argument too far. And I do mean both sides. Now, it is a proven fact that the USA is predominantly center-right. What this means is that the far left trying to push some of their major agendas within the first 2 years of Obama’s reign will mean that they lose their majority in… Read more »


    Dr. Kleiner never thought he would see a resonance cascade in his lifetime until he ended up hiding from techno-organic alien overlords by secluding himself behind a vending machine.

    We all know that Obama and his civil protection officers just want to prevent everyone from having sex because he believes in an unnatural acceleration of evolution which will add our mutilated bodies and lobotomized minds to the ranks of his transhuman overwatch.


    two words. Weimar Republic.

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