Open Wide

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    Personally, I cannot muster an ounce of enthusiasm for any of the candidates put forward by the US 2 party system.
    I was interested in Ron Paul, but even he is a bit of a nutter.
    Anarchy is looking better everyday…


    In before invisible Natedog.

    Alec Dalek

    Diabeetus fails again.

    Luke Magnifico

    The one on the left is hot. Well, kind of.


    Ways in which Obama is like Bob Marley:

    1) Half Black/Half White. He don’t dip on nobody’s side.

    2) Member of a church which supports pan-Africanism, and respects the teachings of Marcus Garvey.

    3) Fondly remembers the African Herbsman.

    4) Moves my dancing feat.

    5) Makes the elimination of poverty in his own country a top priority and realizes that spending – to which he contributes his own personal financial resources – is the only way to achieve that aim.

    He’s got my vote. Jah Bless.


    did anybody else here find the sexual innuendo that is in this picture? (coming = cumming….open wide….)
    honestly i thought of that before i thought of anything political



    “spending” money when you’re broke and your money is worthless is a direct cause of poverty.



    Marley wasn’t broke, you fool. He was a successful musician with #1 hits in the UK. He even credited ‘No Woman, No Cry’, one of his biggest hits along with a few other songs, to a charity worker in Kingston, so he didn’t make half the royalties he could have.

    We have a lot to learn from Marley. We need Jah Love to guide us through this tribulation, man.


    first of all, don’t equate Obama with Bob Marley. it’s just not right. Marley would spark up a fatty with me any day of the week. Would Obama? Ron Paul is waaaay more like Marley than Obama.

    secondly, i was referring to all the US spending and the economic nightmare it has produced, not the spending habits of one of the greatest musicians evar.

    babylon aint got no fruit


    Oh, in that case I would point this out: Americans pay relatively low taxes, but also have a relatively bad education system by first world standards. Some very poor countries have become incredibly rich pretty much by raising taxes and pumping money into education (to oversimplify at the risk of being tl;dr), and it tends to promote social mobility. We know it works and works well, so there really isn’t any reason to raise taxes and pump money into education at this point. It’s better than welfare because we’re ‘teaching a man to fish’, as it were. However, we may… Read more »