Iran’s Capabilities

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    Wait…Iran has capabilities?


    Iran is almost nuclear, from what I’ve heard in the news, but I also try to forget anything politically motivated on TV, because it’s all garbage, so I could be wrong.


    Journalism is a farce these days.

    Alec Dalek

    They just want to scare you to keep you distracted.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    OMG, Iran is capable of identifying the capitals of several European countries! Their technology is far beyond ours, fear for your lives.


    According the NIE – a report by the US’s main 16 intelligence agencies- Schul is right:

    Iran could eventually develop some serious weapons, but for the time being it’s all in the realm of far-right conspiracy theorists. In the meantime, Iran is receiving all kinds of lovely concessions from the US and EU in exchange for not developing weapons because the US is so filled with people like diabeetus who piss their pants whenever some ideologue with a red tie opens his mouth. Well played, Iran, well played.


    I agree with Caio for once.


    Time for the UN to send another strongly worded letter.


    Everyone knows the UN is just a pawn of the US.

    And no, I can’t type that with a straight face.


    @ diabeetus : As opposed to the USA who wages war just for fun… (and profit).


    You’re missing the point here. This photo is not about Iran beeing a threat to the US, it’s about the sham the US tries to pull with the missile interceptors in central Europe. It’s clear that Iran is just a pretext here for a shield against Russia.
    On the other hand, yes, Iran is very capable of developing nuclear weapons. Need I remind you of North Koreea?


    Wasn’t the Korean bomb just a subterranean load of TNT and nuclear waste?


    @ Mihai: Let’s see, the Iranians can only reach 7 NATO members with its missiles, which proves that the 20 interceptors in Poland are actually there to protect us from Russia’s 5,000+ warheads.



    @ Mihai : Considering the direction Russia (known throughout history as The criminal country) has taken recently, I’d say it is just bloody common sense.


    “A European diplomat and a U.S. official, both speaking of condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said the resolution would expand existing sanctions. But the European diplomat said it would not feature new economic sanctions.” So, Diabeetus, two anonymous officals released a lengthy press report on sensitive information which they claim will go public, but not their names, due to the sensitivity of the whole thing. If there’s one type of statement I trust, it’s an unsourced, anonymous statement. I mean, these are obviously nameless officials willing to disclose sensitive information but not their names, and… Read more »