flying tigers

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    Tuskegee Airmen, most likely the 99th Pursuit (later Fighter) Squadron either in Tuskegee or North Africa. The Flying Tigers also flew P-40’s but were the American Volunteer Group (AVG) flying in China. Later Tuskegee Airmen were of the 332nd Fighter Group flying P-47’s (for a short time) and P-51’s which were painted with red noses and tails which lead to the nick-name of “Red-Tails” for the Group.


    By the way, “Tondelayo” is a Character from the Play/Movie “White Cargo” about the events on a Plantation in Congo. In the Play (British) Tondelayo is Black, while to get the Movie made in 1942 America they changed her to 1/2 Egyptian, 1/2 Arab (played by Hedy Lamarr)


    Guy on the right: “what am I doing here?”

    Millions of white soldiers.

    Dozens of black.

    Ya…cry about not being represented enough in media accounts of either world war…


    My grandfather flew planes from the start to end of WWII. Where’s the movie about Demon Squadron?

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    russell sharpe

    yah real serious shortage of white aviator films
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