The Unit

tv_the_unit01.jpg (297 KB)

I wish I would have found this TV Show earlier. “Fired Up! Feels Good!” Dig the opening theme too. May have to buy this whole series on DVD.

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    this is sad. these guys all look too soft to be realistic


    it’s the boonie hats that screw it up… the one guy in a beret looks half decent…

    Luke Magnifico

    Black guy on the far left is frightening me.


    Its all too clean. Needs moar dirts!


    Show would’ve been much better without all the time spent on the annoying wives.


    I didn’t like that either. It was a soap opera really.


    They changed the theme song to something much more xtreme-90’s-edgy-sucky for the later seasons.


    Great show


    That show HAD one of the best themes on TV. It got you pumped for each episode. I feel that the show dropped once they also changed the theme. It was like their budget got cut so they had to do more drama than action.

    You should check out the movie “Spartan.” It was the movie David Mamet did before The Unit and has a lot of the same elements. Plus, it has Kristen Bell as a skank.