The 1%

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    but…but he’s black…


    Find me one politician who isn’t part of the 1% and I’ll show you a liar.


    My name is [every previous alive American president], and I am the 1%.


    My bad I missed ‘and’ out that sentence. Maybe if I was better at English I would be part of the 1%.


    I am an Asian American and I am bad at math. I am the 1%.


    Hawaii’s outside the U.S.? News to me. (ages six-ten in Jekarta is hardly his whole damn life)

    Also, military brats could claim the same.

    This 99 versus 1 percent crap on the internet beginning to miss the point: lifestyles and backgrounds are different, big whoop; people can’t move between the economic classes without almost impassible barriers, bigger whoop.


    Wait, wait, wait… are you telling me the president is successful? Well, I never!


    He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago for 11 years and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. He was also director of a church-based community organization called “the Developing Communities Project” in Chicago for three years.

    I guess OP doesn’t think Lawyer, College Professor or Church employee are real jobs.


    So, he’s been a lawyer, a college professor, a church employee and a politician. The only thing missing is used-car salesman and he’ll complete the set of the professions most likely to be taken by a-holes, narcissists, compulsive liars, deluded hipsters, and sex deviants.


    Is this your first president? They’re all a-holes, narcissists, compulsive liars, and sex deviants.

    I have no idea where you got deluded hipster from. Were you trying to pad the list?


    Yeah, I’m sick of church employees taunting me with their ironic mustaches.


    If you have a problem with sex deviants, your on the wrong website.


    Obama is also a product of the Daley political machine out of Chicago. He received HUGE contributions from Wall Street, which in return he signed off on the bail out for Wall Street. He kept Bernanke in charge of the Fed and then replaced Goldman Sach’s Hank Paulson with Goldman Sach’s Timmy Geithner for Secretary of the Treasury.

    Obama’s just as corrupt and full of shit as any of the other politicians out there and an obvious pawn for the 1% who are really running things.


    I’m having trouble keeping up. Is Obama an anti-business socialist, or a pawn of Wall Street.

    If it makes you feel better, Romney FAAARRR outpaces Obama in donations from Wall St.

    People need to pick a story and stick to it.


    That article was complete bullshit. It counts the DNC contributions alongside Obama’s but doesn’t count the RNC’s contributions. See the problem?

    Still, you tried to engage in an actual discussion using facts. I can respect that, even if I disagree with you on almost everything.


    Not part of the 1% but well into the top 5%. And definitely part of the 53% that pays taxes for the services the other 47% gets for free while paying NO taxes.


    Yeah, those lucky fuckers that are the 47%. Not having to pay taxes on the nothing they make, or able to buy food. Because fuck single moms and old people. I wonder how they also get out of paying property taxes and sales tax.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’ll fuck the single moms.

    You can have the old people.


    You really think that 47% are not working? Are not eating? Are all single moms and old people? Please. Even America’s real poor are richer than the people in most of the nations in the world. They are working and they are getting paid, they just have so many exemptions and credits and other freebies that they end-up paying no taxes whatsoever.


    I am an officer in the armed forces.
    I work 5 days a week, from 530a-530p.
    I went to college on full scholarship and majored in engineering.
    I play golf on the weekends at the local country club.
    I make 37,000 a year.
    I am the 50%.


    You’re getting fucked if you’re an engineer and you only make 37,000.


    Also, if he’s an engineer it’s weird that he said “I am an officer in the armed forces.”


    You can be an officer and a career worker. They get you in college by paying for your tuition and in return you have to give up [x] years of your life. Kinda like indentured servitude, only with guns.


    There is an entire army of engineers, and they are part of the armed forces.


    The military employs many engineers and they are all officers.


    You my friend are either a liar or the only officer I ever met that lives in the barracks. To make the pay you are claiming you would have to be an O1 with less than 3 years in. You need to quit whining about your pay because after 6 years in the Army an officer will make about 77000 a year, which is more than an enlisted man who has spent his whole adult life in the Army and managed to make the highest enlisted rank possible, E9. My friend, if you stay until retirement, you’ll be making between… Read more »


    Ok, poster. …and like a good one-percenter, the President has said that he is willing to – and it is the right thing for him to do – to pay the 4.6% increase in taxes that was to be the 2010 sunsetting of the two Bush tax cuts on his income level.


    It’s the Occupy people who are responsible for our mess.
    They all voted for Nader and flipped it to Bush.
    No Bush = No Iraq War, No ruinous Bush tax cuts, Osama caught early, No Abu-Ghraib,
    No Guantanimo, No Homeland security theatre …

    Hell, Gore might even have acted on a report given to him prior to 9/11 saying
    “Bin Laden Determined to Attack US” instead of reading and re-reading “My Pet Goat.”