House Vs. Freeman

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Who will win?

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    House will win of course.


    bah… Gordan is immortal. Even if he died, he would still live.


    House is so hopped up on Vicodin he can’t feel pain.


    Freeman would be able to beat him senseless, but House could crush him emotionally.


    House would definetly win if he whipped out some mind-crushing medical diagnosis on freeman lol


    ok, to explain… firstly, Gordan has Respawn. Then you have to deal with the man in the suit and/or the vortigons. Gordan doesn’t have any emotions to crush


    I’m gonna go with Freeman on this one. House is a little crybaby by comparison…


    House hands down. He’ll bring Freeman down with his witty comments. 😉


    Gordon has no emotions in the first place to be crushed. When Alyx’s father died? He didn’t cry. He killed a small child in sacrifice. House is a little bitch.


    That’s what makes it so much more impressive when House brings him to his knees.


    LOL Keep dreaming there buddy. House woulda never made it out of the first level of Half-Life. Srsly. Hardened Steel crowbar vs. walking stick? House shouldn’t even be standing…


    Yeah, and a powerup suit or whatever Freeman wears? Plus, House has that manly stubble, and doesn’t wear those emo black rim glasses. BTW, the lambda is the symbol for gay pride. Not that I have anything against gays in particular, but just saying.


    Now looky here. The powersuit rawks aight?! And as for House’s stubble, it doesn’t make him manly. All it means is he’s too lazy to shave. I know because I have the same problem. Gordon, in comparison, has a properly trimmed beard. And manages to keep it that way, come head crabs or striders. Only James Bond is that cool. Or Chuck Norris. House, shmouse… 😛 And notwithstanding the fact that the capital Lambda is used on the Spartan shield, Lambda is also used to represent the decay constant of a given radioactive substance, I.E. its Half-Life, after which the… Read more »