gay vs straight lifestyle

gay vs straight lifestyle


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    Just think about having 2 fathers. Now think about a divorce while your 8 years old and they both remarry, now you have 4 daddys. One hell of a scare for a guy picking up a girl for prom.


    Yeah, bro…terrifying.






    Yeah, compared to spending your life rotting in an orphanage, it’s a real horror.

    And now think about you’re gay. Decisions, decisions …

    that might even be true


    ooo check the cross in the background


    How dare they deny Captain America and Bucky the right to adopt a child? Is it because of the Winter Soldier thing?

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who saw that.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That’s about as accurate as a picture of a straight family picking apples together while a gay couple molests a young boy.


    hahaha, true.. liberals love fags.. its cool though, let them marry each other, more women for me and you


    Would you look at that, you missed the point!

    Would you like someone more intelligent explain it to you?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya cause it’s so cryptic…


    You agreeing with anything makes it wrong.


    Magnus nailed it. /thread


    I’m straight and very offended. Not because the gay people, but because of the redneck generalization of straights. No sane people who live like that should be an example.


    Nice try troll.




    I’m offended that you think the redneck way of life is somehow a less accurate depiction of daily life.

    Now what?


    People need a better strategy than to say gay couples make better parents than straight couples because its not true and when you use that method you are simply trying to discriminate.

    Gay/Lesbian couples prefer animals, i.e. dogs, and made this better than straight people with children.


    I am loathe to argue with Dr House.


    I think gays should be able to adopt and be able to get married.

    I also get the point of the picture but saying ‘well shitty straight couples’ get kids over ‘good gay couples’ isn’t really the argument I’d make.

    It basically has people look at it and go ‘Well that shitty couple shouldn’t have the extra kid either…’ which defeats the purpose of the image in the first place.

    That and using stereotypes to get a point across fails. One could easily flip the image and show Ward and June Cleaver vs two leather daddy bears in cod pieces and ass-less chaps as to why gays shouldn’t be allowed kids…


    If only people with no sexual fetish were allowed to adopt, the orphan’s of the world would be fucked even more than it is now thanks to Catholic adoption services.


    Get a clue Korinthian. Like, shit man. You can’t be that dense.
    In fact, don’t. I’d like to try and balance out your trolling:

    “lol@fggts. U butthurt for more reasons than 1 LOLOLOL! QQ moar. If Darwin wanted you to have kids he would’ve put a womb in your mouf LMAO
    U so mad rite now. Look @ur gay dog y does his breath smell liek peanut butter LOL and WTF FGGTS bottle water is bad for the environment >:(“


    Yeah, I’m not reading that until you start typing like a grown-up.

    Try again.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    If you had half a brain you’d be worth reading.


    I do have half a brain. Two halves, in fact.

    You better stick to caps lock insults as they are more in your grasp compared to more advanced sentences (that also contain far fewer punctuation marks).


    So if his stuff isn’t worth reading, why do you read it much less bother to comment?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    obviously because he posts responses to my posts



    A picture depicting various ways of completely screwing up an innocent kid.


    you are an IDIOT!

    religion screws up kids for LIFE.

    there’s been no cases in which kids are screwed up because they have same sex parents.


    I don’t even know how’d you go about proving something like that.


    The true meaning of the image is not to say that gay families are superior than a straight family, no matter how dysfunctional. The true meaning is that gays are looked down upon as not being the right family choice. Its the fact that conservatives think that any family is better than a gay family is what this image is trying to describe. Given the choice between these two families, which one do you think a child would choose? Given the choice, which family would you choose raising a child? All these conservatives want you to believe that gay families are not healthy for a child. I’d beg to differ.


    Well said.

    I’m glad someone took the time to explain it to bstapler and magnus.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    They used two bullshit examples. Of course that’s what it’s trying to say. Only a complete simpleton like this korinthian retardate would get confused by it.

    But you don’t make a very valid point with bullshit. All anyone against gay adoption has to do is look at this and realize that they used a completely fabricated notion of a straight family and glorified the gay couple. It renders itself inert.

    The true meaning of this image is to try and lie to support its stance which only hurts it.

    Show a loving family with a man, woman, and three kids having a good time with APPROVED, and a hispter looking couple in a cramped apartment who get ‘married’ and divorced every few weeks and like to sleep around on each other and try drugs most people haven’t even heard of and this would be correct. But then nobody would think the way the artist intended so…he lied.

    Yes there are white trash families. They are not the norm by any means and represent about .01% of people. Whereas being flaky and using drugs are VERY common in both gay culture and identity.

    Also note that gay marriage was voted down in California by mostly blacks and mexicans but the artist of course chose to try and vilify white people. The whole thing is pathetic.


    Seriously: if you ever actually formed a thought with any substance at all, gravity would immediately take hold of it and rip it straight down through your wet-crepe-paper brain matter.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Typical nonsense response.

    I make several points you can’t refute so you just blabber ad hominem and think you’re clever.

    Which just shows how right I am.

    Gay people should be able to marry and adopt. They should also have to hold their own community accountable to a standard of morality that would make everyone comfortable allowing them to do so. You can’t seriously try and say that gay people aren’t much more sexually promiscuous and prone to taking dangerous drugs. Or that they get engaged and separated and switch partners like its without consequence. Add a marriage certificate or a kid and there are suddenly consequences.

    Gay people always try and say everyone against allowing them equality is some bible clutching redneck. When they’re forced to actually look at genuine faults they could address they suddenly get very defensive since it rings true.

    I just talked to my neighbour and his son. My neighbour is gay and was allowed to adopt. He said it wasn’t even very hard. He’s single, has a good job, and has no record. So what actual reasons are gay couples being turned down for that they don’t want people knowing?


    Yes, sure. But you’re right.

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