Impossible Statue


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    It’s not impossible, the middle bar is at an angle.

    It’s just a trick, but still a cool one.

    Spac Demon

    is it at an angle? I thought it was PS’d, because the shading on the middle bar looks weird but then again it could be my eyes.


    No, its completely genuine.

    You can tell, because there’s a wristwatch.


    a wristwatch you say, I though it was some sort of vortex to the 5th dimension


    How is the watch sitting up? That freaks me out.


    Are you serious, LordOPie? It’s the band…I really can’t explain it because it’s so simple.


    Lol casemods I hope you were joking about it being possible. If not i feel sorry for you.


    I feel sorry for you for being unable to figure it out, Kero.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    It’s genuine,no photoshop. All of the intersections are perpendicular. The “middle” beam is cut so that when viewed from exactly the angle it appears to line up with the lower right beam.
    I feel silly explaining it, like explaining how the magician pull a coin from behind your ear, but some people don’t seem to get it.


    Don’t feel silly, reboot, thank you so much for explaining it to us, I was about to burn my computer for a witch.

    Maybe I coulda looked at the shadow, but hey, I’m RETARDED!

    Hey everybody, reboot is smarter than everyone else on the internet. Be nice, tho, he’s self-conscious about it.


    The only way I will ever believe this isn’t shopped is if David Blaine knocks on my door, shows this to me, and then the ace of clubs is in my ass.


    Agreed. – the david blain and ace of clubs.


    Yep,it is at an angle, so the sculpture is possible. However, it is indeed not easy for the eye to pick up the trick.

    Wonder if anyone tried to do such a sculpture from The Blivet…


    In case this is photoshopped, this site ( explains how to do it. And it is cool in its own right 🙂


    casemods, reboot, & RJ… you claim this is real. I don’t believe you. I’m more than willing to believe that this isn’t shopped if anybody can show me proof that doesn’t involve saying “it’s at an angle.” As far as I’m concerned, the ONLY way for this to not be shopped is this: The middle bar comes off perpendicular to the foreground post, and is hanging in mid-air. The background post has a bar coming out of it, and the photo is aligned to line up the two seperate bars. This solution also solves the mysterious shadow of the middle… Read more »


    It is possible, this I assure you.

    It is not photoshopped, unless the person were lazy.

    Note the ambient shading value of the middle beam in contrast to the remainder of the figure.

    I’m still searching for video proof, until then, see this.


    Seems to me that a lot of you have never heard of these fun things called “Optical Illusions.” Those are fun, because they make idiots think that everything in the world is photoshopped.


    I made a response but it must of gotten auto-spam-blocked. Long story short, its not a shop, and is real.

    It only looks this way at one angle, and no others. At other angles you can see how it would have to truly exist in order for it to appear as it does before you.


    will it take off?


    No, Ctrl.

    No it won’t.


    It’s clearly the works of a witch.

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