yellow ghetto car – sponge bob

yellow ghetto car - sponge bob

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    Wow.. that is so pimp. All he needs is a sign saying “Free candy!!”

    Alpha Harrison

    Yeah, I wouldn’t leave my kids alone with whoever owns this V-hicle. That’s if I had any kids. Or a partner to have them with…..

    I’m going drinkin’

    Billy Manic

    Holy shit.


    I don’t get it…why are people customizing crappy old cars? Get something new FFS. Prius ftw.


    In my town they put M&M’s and Skittles logos on their cars and another one has Dora the Explorer on them. I am getting sick of these fucking “high rise” cars. The other day i saw this guy who had HIS WHOLE BACK WINDOW covered with a sticker of Calvin pissing on the measurement 20″ and on his side windows he had two stickers with the measurement 22″. Fucking retards think they know about cars.


    so calvin was pissin on the ideas of rims?


    I guess. I mean the guy really hated 2o inch rims. I don’t see whats so bad about them , i mean larger than stock rims are kinda useless unless your engine can legitimately put them to good use.

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