white fright

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    Billy Manic

    This is in Georgia.
    Thank Google for that.


    I’d have guessed Roswell, NM.

    It would explain the crazy.


    I used to live in Roswell, it’s a suburb of Atlanta about 10 miles north. I’ve read the local rag a few times, and this cover at first glance put me off. It’s all about context though. Atlanta is an edgy town, always has been. The story is about how local law enforcement is keeping a strong eye on the supremacist groups given the current political precipice. The article starts with a quote from a local officer:

    “Do we think that anything is going to happen to Obama here in Georgia? No. Are we watching [local hate groups] carefully? Oh, yeah.”

    Read it:



    This country will explode and come apart at the seams if Obama is killed. I will probably vote Republican, but the absolutely worst case situation would be someone killing Obama.


    his only hope is to get Hillary to run on his ticket (which i doubt will happen).

    no one would kill him then, because the people that would assassinate a person because they are black, surely doesn’t want a woman in the oval office either.

    did i use that comma correctly?


    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Wait, is Obama a black guy with a white mother or a white guy with a black father?


    Black guy with a white mother, because only black people do the fist pound.

    Alec Dalek

    It’s stuff like this that reaffirms my belief that the US reached their peak in the 1940’s, and they’ve been in decline since then. You could say the US jumped the shark on December 7th, 1941.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    So wait…is everyone mad because white supremacists exist in America?

    Because there are WAY more in Russia.

    The fact that law enforcement is taking a proactive stance on this seems like a good thing to me and bodes well for America as a whole.

    Americans need to lighten up. The only reason your dollar is low right now is because of all the uncertainty and bitching. It kills international investor confidence and that makes your dollar worth diddly. Yes there are other contributing factors but that’s a major one.

    This guy should address black people specifically though and just say :quit making this an us vs. them scenario.


    I think the US jumped the shark with the Korean War. We haven’t really done anything that great military-wise since helping defeat the Axis during WWII.

    As for white vs. black, someone somewhere decided that if you’re half black, you’re black. Dunno about those who are 1/4 black though… I know with some Native American tribes, you can be 1/8th.


    : He’s both.

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