Insert XP into Drive A


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    This picture has wow all over it. Of course there is the obvious, the CD in the floppy. But notice the sticker on the front, it is a Pentium (which were made no faster the 233 MHz. Was this whole thing just a joke or was someone trying to install XP on a 233 system? Oh, I suppose it could be a little faster if the board was upgraded. But the design of the case then would have been AT, and therefore, the boards would not have been compatible with anything over 550 MHZ (to the best of my memory).… Read more »


    The guy that took the picture knew it was a joke.

    I can’t seem to find the second image, but on the guy’s page this was listed as the “Wrong way” to put it in. And the “right way” showed that he cut the cd into a square, and then got it to fit in the A drive, and pressed “continue”



    Is it just me, or can any drive be any letter?

    Spac Demon

    no more floppeh


    most BIOS’ are set to have the 3.5 floppy as the A drive and can only be turned off and not changed. The same is the case with the B drive (for the 5.25 floppy). Other drives may be set as one lists (for the most part).


    I’ve used XP on a 233. Hilarity ensued.

    It lagged on Pinball.


    HAHA @ Sticky

    I have several old systems that I keep around(for some reason). One is a table. One is a router. One I use to play Wing Commander and Wing Commander 2. And there are some others… But never would I install XP on any of them. It is embarrassing for an old computer. Why-why would someone do that?