Paris Hilton cruising back to where she belongs

Paris cruising back to where she belongs.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Gotta love the look on her face.

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    lol, i am glad she got the whole 40 days,.


    I’m glad she went out the way we all envisioned her going out: crying and whining and screaming and saying, “It’s not fair!”

    Shows how oblivious she is to the actual world she lives in.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I wonder why the sheriff let her out in the first place? Is that normal?


    because they thought she would have/already had a mental breakdown. Basically she spent the night cryig and upset because she didn’t have her cell phone. So they did what any sensible jail would; let her out 😛 cause you know, thats how it works in the real world >.>

    btw, didnt they have a petition to free her anyways? or get a pardon?


    I love, LOVE, LURVE that picture of her!! Every time I see it, I cackle out loud.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    the “unspecified medical condition” is official reason she was let go, but who believes that? I’m guessing that the real reason she’s crying is that some “favors” didn’t work out.


    The next best thing would be for her to be in the actual penitentiary, not in the rich kid’s ward. There she would feel the love of the inmates.


    The woman in the front passenger seat looks like she has a nice big grin on her face. I would…


    Here’s to wishing she never gets out.


    idiots,you realize that this is all for a violation of a probations concerning operating a car with a suspended license, not some mass murderer.
    I do not think that the sheriff of LA County is a flaming liberal and that his recommendation should have been allowed. The fact is, LA prosecutors are more concerned with getting into the news for their own political benefit and not the question of punishment fits the crime.
    Nobody here would serve any time for this offence.


    Fuck that, if you’re caught drunk driving after you’ve had your fucking licence suspended for drunk driving, you should be taken away from cars and society. People bitch and bitch about smoking, but do you know how many innocent people are killed by shitty sober drivers, much less drunk ones? What kind of cunt do you have to be to drive drunk?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Here! Here! Caio. Drunk driving kills way too many people. A rich bitch like Hilton has no excuse. A few days in jail is a slap on the wrist compared to some other places.

    Jesus Christ

    Paris is being made an example of people who think they can get away with the law because they have money. It sends the message to teens and younger adults that if you fuck up, no matter who you are, you will be punished. In my opinion, if there was a law that says if you are a drunk driver and you kill someone that you would definitely be put on death row then a lot of this bullshit wouldn’t happen. A person who is driving drunk has obviously little or no regard for human life whatsoever. Then again, I… Read more »


    {Obligatory “that’s hot” goes here}

    beep beep

    Here in my state she would have been put in jail. Driving w/o a lisence while on probation for a DUI is pretty serious where I live, thanks to all those mothers with MADD.


    stupid bitch she should be executed for all the little girls she has screwed for life.


    I’ve cut out her head and made it my Avatar on several other posting forums.


    the bitch isn’t going away until we all learn to ignore her