church can be a drug

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    Nice call.


    Opiate of the people!


    There’s some cool churches

    Then theres the incredibly boring stupid ass extremist far right churches who think 4 Horsemen will ride down to earth and overpower our nuclear arsenal and lead to our ultimate destruction while Jesus fights the devil with a bible as a weapon.

    I’ll take evolution over that… any day.


    Rick Flair leads the Four Horsemen.
    I think we can take’em.


    Hmmm, I don’t recall this version of the Movie cover….


    Well might as well commit suicide right now since no one will Take the Armageddon seriously with him leading it. Clever move god… clever indeed.



    Wanna esplain how this happened Miss Cleo?


    Well, it was the very act of accurately predicting the future that offset the timeline. Happens all the time, which is why accurate premonition is so difficult. My website contains a short film regarding this phenomenon. Its called “time travesty”. You’d all do well to observe, as the space time continuum is nothing to joke about.


    So you saying not to play my lucky numbers……


    All this time I thought I had a boring personality.
    Turns out I’m a Church addict.


    We need to go back to cave painting and telling stories around open fires. Sounds more fun. Just have to watch out for the Saber Tooth Tigers.

    I thought I saw Jesus once, but he turned out to be a homeless crack addict.


    I thought I saw him once too….Damn garden Gnomes get me every time.


    Fucking black church is like a drug. That shit is AWESOME! I went to one in Chicago and holy fuck was it the shit. That and House of Blues, which is a gospel brunch. If my church was a black church I would for shit not be agnostic.


    Religion is kooky…

    But some churches are awesome from and architectural standpoint

    Alec Dalek

    Christian = someone that thinks the burden of proof is on everyone else (because they’re not smart enough to come up with any of their own).

    Alec Dalek

    If you can only believe in something if it’s presented in an appealing way, you are going to have problems.

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