If you don’t matter to god, you don’t matter to anyone


As a society, we reap the consequences of the unquestioned acceptance of the belief in evolution every day.  It diminishes your worth and reduces human beings from being “made in the image of God” to being mere players in the game of survival fo the fittest.


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    beep beep

    And a unquestioned acceptance of the belief in God generally turns people into asshats.


    It’s not that religion turns someone into an asshat. They just use religion as an excuse to impose their asshattery on others.


    There are quite a few problems with religion, but I still am proud to be a Christian, and an evolutionist. It’s just that those people who are so devoted to God that they can think for themselves who give religion, especially stupid overzealous Christians, such a horrible name. If people can’t raise their heads from praying they can’t lift them up to see the light of the world, and the many truths that it brings. Many things, especially evolution, can still make sense, even from the viewpoint of the bible. Many people take the bible to be exact fact, but it was written by old scholars, who of course, made it full of unexplainable riddles and exaggerations.


    through out the ages the church has been hidding the thruth becuase they dont like it and dont want to belive what is infront of them. They still continue to do so. The church used to think the earth was the center of the universe , they killed and threated people with the hand of god. We know that the earth is not the center of the universe now. why should we continue to listen to them


    That whole text just smacks of pride.


    Feary tales are meant for children and the meek.
    They can be entertaining, and motivating, as we’ve seen, but it’s time humanity grows up before it’s too late. Humanity will be destroyed by its own conflicting beliefs (read stupidity).
    You either KNOW, or you BELIEVE. You can ALSO get out there and get something more than a high school education, but we just can’t deprogramme that many asshats in a few generations, so the God belief is here to stay.


    This just in militant atheists are careless spellers.

    tiki god

    militant atheists? lol, did someone threaten to blow up your church or something?


    Sublyme : It’s people like you that restore my faith in humanity. Religion in concept is a good thing, but throughout history it’s been used as an excuse to kill non-believers, or believers-in-something-ever-so-slightly-different, etc. I’m an athiest because I just do not believe, but other athiests (and christians alike) jump to bashing their counterparts for being ignorant (which is highly ironic). It’s the entire noobism complex in one of its worst forms.


    yep, the original old testament was supposed to have been written in aramaic and is pretty much the same text today in the hebrew versions in every synagogue. correct me if i’m wrong about this.

    the new testament, on the other hand, took the original bible, translated it from aramaic to greek or latin, then into english in several different versions, one of which is king james. has anyone here ever played whisper down the lane? it’s a lot like that every time you re-translate stuff. i used to translate technical catalogues – english to french, french to english- and you have to decide whether you’re going to translate word for word or translate a little looser and retain the original feel of the language, which is a difficult call to make.

    on top of this, whoever decided to make a new testament seems to have taken the original text and re-arranged the chapters to make a different outcome. can you imagine doing that to a classic piece of literature like moby dick? maybe the whale wins now.

    finally, here’s a little quote which amused me and which led me to this site in the first place:

    The Bible:

    “Because all the works of science cannot equal the wisdom of cattle-sacrificing primitives who thought every animals species in the world lived within walking distance of Noah’s house.”

    take a long hard look at your belief structure. if every religion believes IT is the only true one, either you’re all right or you’re all wrong. can YOU figure out which?

    i do respect the words of sublyme about religion, although i find it hard to fathom that it took the RC church 500 years to forgive copernicus for finding out more accurate stuff about the stars and the earth.

    and there does seem to be loads of archaeological evidence that the earth is WAY older than 40,000 years, but i guess we can ignore that.


    Props to Sublyme and Neofish. Good to know there’re still people who seek the middle ground.

    Cheetah: Not every Christian is a literalist. Or a Roman Catholic. Or alive during Church-based persecution of science. (and yes, I’m sure that’s still going on today, but don’t shoot every mailman because a milkman screwed your wife)

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