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New real life meme from the *chan folks and Encyclopedia Dramatica. Convert your monies to Lioncash today!

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    The funny thing is, the college I go to (PSU) actually has a currency they use called lioncash.

    bright green

    Mack that your real hand or something ripped off interwebs?


    I wonder what the exchange rate is for Lioncash against regular cash…


    This shit right here is the exact reason I stopped going to /b/. After three years for me, the newfaggotry got so huge that the RULES don’t even matter. Rules 1 and 2 are now “Tell everyone about /b/” and “No, srsly, scream at everyone about /b/ until they go there.”


    yeah, really, fuck them and their rules. I’m not going to scribble on my money so they can wank over dreams of making the national news.


    Hey hvymetal I go to Penn State too. You at University Park?

    tiki god


    you apparently never actually read the rules. #1 & #2 only apply to raids.

    so talking about it outside of raids is wide open. duh.


    As a matter of fact Meggie, yes I am.

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