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    44 Responses ttto Peanut Butter = Proof Of Biblical Creation

    1. Courtney says:

      Creationists are all such idiots. They should wiki the name “oparin” and read about how he simulated the primordial soup and by introducing electricity (lightning), successfully enabled RNA to spontaneously combine from its basic amino acids within that soup.

      I mean, c’mon here. Can’t they think of a better argument than that?

    2. Alex says:

      You know, as an educated individual, these kinds of arguments insult me.

    3. Namelis1 says:

      Man. this is so wrong, on so many levels, im not gonna bother commenting on it. oh wait.

    4. Anonymous says:

      I think a part of my childhood just died inside me

    5. jason says:

      Wow, I never thought of it that way, it makes so much sense. God is an outside contaminant sparking life, why didn’t I see it before? I for one welcome the microorganisms as my lord and savior. Dont you see, the bacteria died for our sins!

    6. Anonymous says:

      Having studied the cosmological argument I know for a fact that the “necessary being” that people see as god could be anything. I believe that it was a cheese toastie.

    7. Ryan says:

      That is so fucked up on so many levels. Was this like a newscast, or a just a joke?

    8. Howie Feltersnatch says:

      Here’s the thing, though. Creationists are so stupid, and their arguments so devoid of intellectual content anyway, that I have no idea if this is for real, or a parody. If it’s for real, then it just helps emphasize what a bunch of dipshits these people are who deny evolution. You don’t understand why new life doesn’t arise over the course of weeks in a sterilized, pasteurized environment? What are you, retarded? Of course, if it is a parody, good job. You really captured the submoronic nature of these twits.

    9. Mike says:

      These are the stereotypes the US elected to the most supreme of offices…game over.

    10. Typhoid_Garry says:

      And here I was, waiting for spring-snakes to pop out of the can…

    11. goatsgomoo says:

      Wow… and he says “there’s no new life” like he would be able to see any microorganisms there.

    12. Osenda says:

      Holy god. I haven’t even graduated High School and I know how wrong this is. I hope that this is a parody. No one can be this uneducated and live outside an institution.

    13. mAgNUS Buttfoorson says:

      Franken peanut butter. You hit it with lightening and it comes to life. LIVE SKIPPY! LIIIIIIIIIVVE!

      How can you try to factually discount something you don’t understand and then expect people to believe your own theory: a being who lives in the clouds made the universe for funs.

    14. Ando says:

      All you godless S.O.B.s are going to hell.
      You can’t even accept PROOF when it’s put in front of you.

    15. mAgNUS Buttfoorson says:

      I’m not going to hell, I’m going to a Gaybar, Gaybar!

    16. Med says:


    17. Anon says:

      Evolution. If it can’t happen in a peanut butter jar, God clearly must be real.

    18. Purple Banana says:

      Didn’t some group of Creationists put out a video that essentially “cancels out” evolution by using a banana? The guy said because it was so easy for humans to hold the banana, god must have made the banana for humans… Equally as stupid.

    19. Aristoi says:

      The thing that everyone is forgetting is that this video which I have no doubt it real, is not aimed at *us*. Us being educated and/or intelligent people. Or even people with a wee bit of common sense.

      This is aimed directly at the people who already believe in creationism, but gee, they keep seeing all these smart people saying evolution this and that, and they teach it to their kids, and well, Reverend, what do I tell my kids? Peanut butter? You’re right! It never comes to life, but evolution means any random matter in any situation might suddenly come to life and it doesn’t! Wow, thank God! You wouldn’t by chance have anything I could show my kids, do you?

      So we can mock it but it ain’t for us. Also, that’s about the extent of the average creationists’ science knowledge.

    20. NathanJ says:

      Wow Med, maybe you should do a wiki search on microspheres or coacervates.

    21. mAgNUS Buttfoorson says:

      Wow. Someone posted using this handle that wasn’t me? How sad is that?

      I guess that’s what happens when brothers and sisters fuck for fun. Eventually a baby is made and eventually that baby gets out of the boiler room and hops on a computer. Welcome to the outside world.

    22. Stalwart says:

      So, we’ve been opening jars of peanut butter for 100 years now and no new life. Well, forgetting that peanut butter is full of preservatives that kill bacteria, let’s compare the time lines and data volumes. Hmmm, evolutionary origination of the first life forms took…3 billion years…the volume of matter being acted on…being the Earth. Number of peanut butter jars on the planet observed for 100 years…….what do these people expect to find anyway, a new type of insect. Life originated microscopically. There might be new life in that jar of peanut butter dickhead, you don’t know there isn’t, because opening it up and glancing in isn’t very thorough…I’m so working up about these morons, I’m sorry, I just, you know…where’s the rifle, where’s the tower??

    23. SpeeduvDark says:

      I’m not sure if this has been mentioned yet but for a long, LONG period of time “life” on Earth was really just a group of chemicals acting funny, in fact if you were to compare the very first spark of life on Earth and compare it too the modern standards of what defines an organism it probably wouldn’t even qualify. So when they claim that the evolutionists think that life came all of the sudden out of nowhere, they’re pretty damn far off.

    24. SpeeduvDark says:

      Wow, sorry about all the typos in my last post, it’s midnight for me and I can barely type.

    25. Lenin_1917 says:

      LOL, its almost saddening because I KNOW somebody is going to take that seriously.

    26. jason says:

      Wait, what about this… www.reuters.com/article/healthNews/idUSN0124269320070301 Yup, lots of people opened a jar of peanut butter and life inside.

    27. Evil Don says:

      I think this guy is just trying to throw us off his trail…. in secret he breeds an army out of peanut butter, mayonnaise, and ranch salad dressing.

      oh btw, “They should wiki the name “oparin” and read about how he simulated the primordial soup and by introducing electricity (lightning), successfully enabled RNA to spontaneously combine from its basic amino acids within that soup.” – Courtney

      “While Oparin was unable to do extensive experiments to investigate any of these ideas” -Wiki

      Have any real links to where those experemints were actually performed? All I found was that they made amino acids in a lab. Amino acids and RNA is the difference between a wheel and a space shuttle.

    28. Am I Missing Something? says:

      how can people so old say things so dumb.

    29. Some Guy says:

      That’s why I choose Skippy, 0g trans fat and now new life forms.

      Wow a thread where everyone agrees. Alert the media.

    30. 3dge says:

      “Earth and the other planets of the solar system formed about 4.6 billion years ago, condensing from a vast cloud of dust and rocks that surrounded the young sun. It is unlikely that lif could have originated or survived on Earth for the first few hundred million years because the planet was still being bombarded by huge chunks of rock and ice left over from the formation of the solar system. The collisions generated enough heat to vaporize all the available water and prevent seas from forming. This phase likely ended about 3.9 billion years ago. The oldest known rocks on Earth’s surface, located at a site called Issua in Greenland, are 3.8 billion years old. Although certain chemical data from these rocks suggests that life may have existed then, this evidence is open to different interpretations, and no one has found fossils that old.
      As the bombardment of early Earth slowed, conditions on the planet were extremely different from those today. The first atmosphere was probably thick with water vapor, along with various compounds released by volcanic eruptions, including nitrogen and its oxides, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia, hydrogen, and hydrogen sulfide. As Earth cooled, the water vapor condensed into oceans, and much of the hydrogen quickly escaped into space.
      In the 1920’s, Russian chemist A.I. Oparin and British scientist J.B.S. Haldane independently postulated that Earth’s early atmosphere had been a reducing (electron-adding) anvironment, in which organic compounds could have formed from simple molecules. The energy for this organic synthesis could have come from lightning and intense UV radiation. Halodane suggested that the early oceans were a solution of organic molecules, a ‘primitive soup’ from which life arose. In 1953, Stanley Miller and Harold Urey, of the University of Chicago, tested the Oparin-Haldane model hypothesis by creating laboratory conditions comparable to those that scientists thought existed on early Earth. Their apparatus yielded a variety of amino acids that are found in organisms today, along with other organic compounds. Many laboratories have since repeated the experiment using different recipes for the atmosphere. Organic compounds were also produced in some of these modified models. However, it is unclear whether young Earth’s atmosphere contained enough methane and ammonia to be reducing. Growing evidence suggests that the early atmosphere was made up primarily of nitrogen and carbon dioxide and was neither reducing nor oxidizing (electron moving). Miller-Urey-type experiments using such atmospheres have not produced organic molecules. Still, it is likely that small “pockets” of the early atmosphere – perhaps near volcanic openings – were reducing. Instead of forming in the atmosphere, the first organic compounds on Earth may have been synthesized near submerged volcanoes and deep-sea vents- weak points in the Earth’s crust where hot water and minerals gush into the ocean. These regions are also rich in inorganic sulfur and iron compounds, which are imporant in ATP synthesis by present-day organisms.”

      Campbell & Reece Biology AP Edition 2005 Pearson Education

      Thank you. Science = 1 Creationism = 0

    31. Crayola says:

      I think i’ve lost brain cells from watching that stupid thing.

    32. sxonlegs=p says:

      mher i think the guy needs a microscope…then he can come tell us all that it was all because of God…some people are way too religious, sorry guys!

    33. orlando says:

      Be so funny if he went, “And so, when we open the jar of peanut butter, we look in there… HOLY FUCKING CHRIST! HOLY SHIT MOTHERFUCKER! WE WERE WRONG! WE WERE ALL SO WRONG!” As some new alien life bursts out of the jar and rains down on him. Guess they’d have to do a second take on that one.

    34. SpeeduvDark says:

      This video reminds me of this one I saw about how God created bananas to fit in our hands.


      My favorite line is right at the beginning: “Behold! The atheist’s nightmare!”

    35. Ryan says:

      Wow, obviously this intellectually devoid man does not seem to know evolution takes place over billions of years. If you’re going to be a Christian, at least try not to be a fucking idiot. Creationism is stupid and it’s a theory that should have died out along with the theory that if you sailed far enough you’d fall off the side of the earth…

    36. Ctrl-Alt-Elite says:

      It was the Flying Spaghetti Monsters, duh…

    37. Caio says:

      It’s kind of sad when someone brings fucking unfunny flying spaghetti monster up and kills all the joy of making fun of creationism. Flying spaghetti monster is so hilariously unfunny, it gives me a zen moment.

    38. w1ntermute says:

      I am completely at a loss for words. These people should do us all a favor and kill them selfs so they can “go to heaven” and rid the human race of their ignorance.

      The most frighting part of all of this is that this is that they are polluting the minds of innocent children with this. It is criminal, absolutely criminal.

    39. Anonymous says:

      Christopher Hitchens has a new book out called God is not Great. He basically calls out people that believe that God exists; if he does, then 99% of all species EVER being extinct is a shitty track record. Also, having an all-knowing being spy on you and tell you what to do would be like living in North Korea.

    40. Netforce says:


    41. laughinglion says:


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