Vermin Supreme 2012

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Love his choice of flag holder.

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    A.K.A The voice of sanity


    Glitter Bombing: The most fabulous protest against intolerance ever.


    I guess I am either voting for Vermin Supreme or Stephen Colbert.


    Yeah, throw your vote away. That way when Congress or POTUS passes a bill that you don’t like or adopts a policy you’re against, you can say you supported the guy who was against gingivitis or the comedian that gets paid to generate ratings to sell ads for the corporations you claim to be against (and who also happens to be a part of that 1% you claim to loathe, but hey, he makes you laugh and says what you want to hear so it makes it ok, right?).

    Doesn’t matter in the end though, they still get a big chunk of your paycheck, get to dictate what liberties you enjoy and will always control a big part of your life you’ve conceded to them, but hey, you voted for the guy on TV or the dude with a fucking boot on his head.

    Enjoy the shitty existence you’ve allowed to become even worse because you refuse to take it seriously because you feel being funny is much more of a statement than actually trying to do something about it.


    Isn’t this a character from “Idiocracy”

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