Bill Cosby lovs his Puddin Pops

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Diddily do!

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    ok HOW do I get rid of the in the lower right of the pic. Its blocking the bottom line of text. I was gonna lul but then I couldn’t see it so I couldn’t fully lul.


    Send Tiki all of ur muniez.

    tiki god

    7. Dude, can you remove the gay-ass watermarks?
    If you’re seeing watermarks on the images, then either you’re not viewing them through this website (rss reader, hotlinking, etc) or the webserver is on fire. The first one you can easily fix, just click through to the actual page with the image on it. The second, donate fire extinguishers. (see Hotlinking for more information)

    8. Hotlinking
    I realize that the best publicity is from people in forums and other like place,’ so I’ve made it so that the image will show up, but with a nice lil watermark on the bottom saying where the file is hosted.
    If you see an image elsewhere that has the MCS watermark on it, you can find it here on this site WITHOUT the watermark, cause none of these are mine, I just found them on the net. Simply find the picture on MCS, and hit F5 a couple times for the original version.


    Cosby get out of that fridge

    what are you doing in a fridge
    Cosby you look silly in there


    Tiki.I submitted shit that was watermarked.Did not remove it on the first shot.I removed the mark.But the submission was rejected.??.

    tiki god

    was that a question? what are you asking? why are you asking me about why you were in the submissions?

    were you going to say what happened or just stand there with your mouth closing?

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