Whenever I was on a long road trip

little-running-manI used to imagine there was a little man running alongside me, dodging obstacles.

I also did this.  I also had a laser that would cut down everything that we were passing.  It was awesome.

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    Heh, I also did this, sometimes it was Spiderman, The Flash or Ghost Rider too


    I never had that much uh…something with reality.

    When I was a kid I was mostly “thinking to myself” like you do when you day dream and your pupils get all big, only it was like my mind was stuck on something and I’m in my own little world.

    But that sounds kind of cool. I wish I had that kind of imagination as a kid.


    I used to day dream heavily too, I still do in fact. But, when we got on a long stretch of highway and no other cars were around, you know how you’d look back and you’d see the vanishing point and you’d see the steam rising and it’d distort that vanishing point ? I used to think that was pure evil and it was following us, I was always frantic too lol.


    hmmm. i used to imagine lines between the sticks on each side of the road going like this |/|/|/|/|. I didnt like it when a stick was missing.


    My little guy was a stunt bike driver.




    I used to imagine explosions all around me, meteor showers, missiles, war all around me going on. Also used to Imagine being apart of the Ninja Turtles and GI Joe.

    When I went on road trips I’d imagine being a gunner in a helicopter, hot rod driver or a pirate.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    Yup, I did that. Sometimes I’d imagine how it would look from the point of view of my little guy.


    Say what?


    I used to imagine a band on a cart riding next to the car, playing whatever was on the radio. Other times it was jus a guy jumping and running over things, constantly trying to keep up.


    30 years old and I still do this.


    Guilt here! As I grew up, though, I went from being a passenger to strictly driver. Now I imagine myself in either Fast and Furious, or Anakin in a podracer. 🙂


    I would imagine the lines on the road were lasers I was shooting at cars. I always missed 🙁


    i imagined a monstertruck jumping over everything and doing flips, only thing is it would never stop flipping and it always pissed me off


    i still do this, even when im driving a little guy is running along. and when the curb dips for a driveway, its a jump and he transitions to the next one PERFECTLY. hes really good.


    i don’t think any kid hasn’t done that

    Billy Manic

    Shit yeah I would do this, and he looked like Megaman.


    I used to pretend I was on a dirt bike cruizing along side the car jumping everything


    my guy was Cru Jones, jumping everything on his bmx


    i held a transformer up which dodging and jumping what went by, transforming on the run, smashing through buildings and mountains as it did so, apologising


    Nice to know I’m not alone in this.


    for me it was a go-cart that I was driving, and trying to dodge things 🙂


    For me it was either Mario running along jumping on stuff or breaking things above him… or it was The Hulk jumping from one thing to another crushing it and anything in his jumping path.


    I liked to imagine myself capable of just jumping from one high point to the next :3


    I used to do the exact same thing, running man, laser, and all.