Bic – Helping Students Cheat Since 1945

Bic - Helping Students Cheat Since 1945

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    Hah, amateurish. My math teacher always wanted to see our palms beforehand.
    Ok then again, I went to a fascist infested private school, so I guess it could work.


    My high school English teacher re-used multiple choice tests year after year, so I just wrote the answers on a tiny slip of paper and squirreled it away under my wristwatch.


    You cheeky bastard.


    do people really need to cheat on algebra 2?


    If you were like me and slept through the class, then yes.


    i used the instruction page on my calculator


    Fruit stripe gum saved my ass more than once. The white thin wrapper was awesome. I would write answers very small on the wrapper. The just chew the gum wrapper and all if I thought I was going to get caught. The wrapper disappeared in seconds.


    I dropped out of high school thanks to Albegra.


    Only stupid people cheat in High School Algebra.Want a real challenge, take a College Math course.


    Not only do they still need to cheat but it only got worse when I allowed graphing calculators.


    Oh and that includes the college courses. Engineering and comp sci students kept trying to find a way around the fact that they simply had to go home and do the actual work.

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