Admiral Locke


Was this a real Star Trek TNG Episode?

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    Yea, he played Admiral Pressman in the TNG episode “The Pegasus”


    Too funny! I had no clue he was on TNG.


    Terry’s had quite a career, actually. Look him up on imdb sometime. He was a regular on X-Files and Millenium.

    Dr. Sanchez

    What was his character like in the ep? Please tell me he was as kick ass as Locke.


    Didn’t watch Lost, but he was a bad ass in JAG.
    Also, 1st Epic Necroposting 🙂


    His character was a dick. He lied about an accident, broke Federation law, nearly caused a war with the Romulans and just was bitchy and nasty.

    Lieutenant Frost

    actually that episode was one of the best in all 7 seasons of TNG, too bad the lame ass writers ruined it at the end when picard uncloaked the enterprise, would be nice if they had hired just one screen writer who had any ballz

    Cliche: The Movie

    Did they find Klingons on Uranus?


    That was the last season, when the show just kicked ass through-and-through. It just didn’t get much better than that shit.

    TNG was the bizarro show. The old episodes are so bad, and the later ones are so good.

    Cliche: The Movie

    It was bad in the begining because they had not made a ST show in 20 years and were not sure exactly what to do or where to go with it. The first-second season just ended up being rehashes of the original show without the action.

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