Monet’s long-lost Sleestak paintings

sleestaks_at_chailly.jpg (14 KB)

sleestaks_at_giverny_small.jpg (35 KB)

sleestak_wheatstack.jpg (18 KB)


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    Sleestaks. Awesome.

    I have tried to explain Sleestaks to Germans, but they just don’t seem to appreciate them.

    I hope the new Will Ferrel movie doesn’t ruin Sleestaks for me.


    Monte Cook is kind of awesome.

    @ack: From everything I’ve read about it, the new Will Ferrel movie is going to be absolute shit.


    @Kishi: Isn’t using the phrases “Will Ferrel movie” and “absolute shit” in the same sentence a bit redundant?


    Yeah I realized I was over-qualified for my job the day my manager said that Step-Brothers was an “awesome” movie. And Sleestaks kind of remind me of Greedo.


    @Marrock: Generally, yeah, but what I read made it sound like this was going to be shitty even by the appallingly low standards of a Will Ferrell movie.


    @Kishi: So what you’re saying is that when this movie is released every theater it’s shown in will collapse into itself creating a black hole of suck that will eventually destroy the universe as we know it and put something even more improbable in it’s place?


    @Marrock: What I’m saying is that this film will be as much proof that god doesn’t exist as the babelfish was proof god did exist.


    Well… if I was one to argue the contrary I could say something about how Will Ferrel’s career is proof of the existence of god since making a deal with satan would be the only way Ferrel could actually have a career and you can’t have satan without god.

    But since I don’t believe in any of them it’s all moot. 😉


    Whoever was shooping this could have at least tried to replicate Monet’s style…or get better source images.