Ashley Scott – Birds of Prey

Ashley Scott - Birds of Prey

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    Supposing this is actually depicting her landing from a jump, I’d like to see the result from doing it in those boots. Doesn’t that pose look so natural? 😉


    I don’t know who she is or what she’s doing but them boots are sweet and I really like her haircut, she’s gorgeous.

    Also, wtf is going on with the praying hands in the lower right corner.

    tiki god

    It’s after she’s applied a round house to your face you idiot, jesus, have you never see the series!?

    btw, do not buy the dvds, download the episodes from a bittorrent site. I bought the DVDs and they are completely different then the episodes that were shown on the air, different music (shittier) different shots (shitter) and just an over all feel of “fuck you fans”


    Different shots? How? Wouldn’t that cost them more money for what I’d assume would be a small payoff by comparison?


    Can also be seen in a shitty/sexy cool movie called Into The Blue. Except she wears a blond wig in it. Jessica Alba is sexyer.

    Landy Aguilar

    Ashley Scott aka ‘The Huntress’, Dina Meyer aka ‘Oracle’, Rachel Skarsten aka ‘Dinah Lance’ daughter of Black Canary, “Birds Of Prey” stars who are part DC Comics legacy will have their first ever cast reunion at the “Hollywood Show” on Saturday April 25th, 2015 at Hotel Westin LAX, Los Angeles, California.
    Only one day!! Check more info here: