First episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a pretty big let down

First episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a pretty big let down, not much build up and just introduction of characters that I’m having trouble relating to at all, though it was nice to see Ming-Na back on the silver screen. I’m going to be bitterly disappointed if they don’t have any recognizable heroes or villains from the comics in this television series, I’d even settle for some b-listers like Sleep Walker or SuperPro or even the Amazing Slapstick.

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    The show is not supposed to have many characters from the comics. They’ve talked about including B-list and unknowns but very few big names are going to show up. This is a show that’s supposed to, first and foremost, exist on it’s own. Later they’ll use it to tie some of the movies together but it needs to be a standalone success before any of that. It can’t just parasite off of the success of the other franchises or it’ll never be able to grow into anything worthwhile.

    tiki god

    I’m not looking for captain america, I’m looking for literally the bottom of the barrel, “hey remember this guy from the 70’s”, or “we only had him in one issue of Amazing Adventures from the 50’s” type of characters. Their first one was a random guy that had some alien tech on his arm.

    and some form of extremis, which was a huge misstep, but whatever, I can overlook that.


    They’ve said it would be this for the setup for a long time. Also whedon’s people always make terrible pilots, that this was mediocre is a good sign.

    Sam Rockwell expressed interest in being around as a villain as Justin Hammer(IM2).

    The fact that Coulson could be a Life Model Decoy, and if he is an AI, he could in fact be ultron for the new avengers movie if shit goes south when he learns the truth.

    Honestly the only thing that bothered me was the hover car.

    tiki god

    I was happy that the car turned out to be more than just a shitty car named Lola (wtf?). Historically, flying cars and SHIELD go together very well:

    Excellent idea about the Ultron thing, that would make me very happy if they go that route.


    I know, the hover car fits because, :comic books:. But its just so in your face, along with that rifle from mass effect. The rest of the tech in the show was pretty hidden or obscured because :spy wetwork: and they have to stay hidden from the public. The copters were used because it’s tv and they cant wait on a forensic team, and I am alright on that. It’s a better excuse than bones/csi. The rifle was dumb, because they show them crafting a standard bullet, just put it in a regular rifle. Of course this was to show… Read more »


    From what I’ve heard Stark is the one that somehow builds the AI that turns into Ultron. I was disapointed in the pilot, mostly from the poor writing. I get Tony Stark hacking a SHIELD computers, but some girl living in a van? And why is it always a misfit team of people? Sheesh, lazy writing. It would have been better to give Coulson a well trained expert team that is trained for more mundane situations. Then as they encounter the crazy they find their training doesn’t always work in the unique situations. For idea of the direction of the… Read more »


    First of all, Tiki, Ming Na is coming back to the small screen, not the silver screen. The owners of Marvel character rights will not “waste” audience taste for significant Marvel characters on the show unless it draws a serious following. If they wanted to, J. August Richards’ character would be named Carl Lucas, not Mike Peterson. Remember (regardless of if you watched it) that Smallville started out with the bare minimum of required characters from the Superman continuity–Clark and his Earth parents, Lex Luthor, and one of his two love interests, Lana Lang. The rest were made up characters.… Read more »

    tiki god

    about the silver screen vs small scree, good catch, sorry about that. Going to leave it there for posterity. I really don’t want to see a-list character though. I want to see Damage Control, I want to see Sleepwalker, I want to see Slapstick, I want someone that’s from the marvel universe, and isn’t a “baddie of the week” that’s just a generic TV bad guy. The Smallville thing is a great example of how not to do it, it was terrible for the first year or so, with all the meteor powered villains. After the first 20 or so,… Read more »


    Well, you’re getting Dr. Graviton (sort of) in a couple of episodes. Would that count?

    Also, please… please… don’t ever… EVER… encourage anyone to include Slapstick in anything. That’s almost as bad as suggesting Birdbrain.


    And I can understand why you lost interest, but you do know that the producers are balancing any (very minor) gains in profit from including (let’s just say) Ant Man in this series from the profit gained if they decide to introduce Ant Man in the next film. They almost HAVE to keep their cards close to their chest and hope that the series gains a following before they devote a character to it.


    Ant Man is getting his own movie.


    To be honest, I never expected it to get so far as having actual supervillains. I expected it to be something along the lines of the x-files with a little more action. They have the avengers to fight the supervillains, I think the Agents of SHIELD are more along the lines of investigation and prevention.


    I liked it. I especially liked the humor.

    I suspect that the search for whoever is behind the Caterpillar is going to be the overall arc of this season.


    Hey let’s make an easy tv-show that won’t cost us much.

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