Futurama Anime


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    Ummm… Leela is suppose to only have one eye!

    tiki god

    looks like she only had one eye to me. Perhaps you should try counting again?


    This is an awesome picture! Where did you find this?


    sweet pic man! but i dont think fry is that smart looking


    This great pic really were did u get it


    I think what he means is Leela is supposed to be more of a cyclops than a normal person missing an eye.


    and dr. Zoidberg is not that scary


    Yes, indeed this picture does kick some serious drawing talent ass! On another note, I don’t think someone just happened to find or “get” this picture on the internet. I think some creative artist with very experienced talent drew this “futurama” frame, then photoshoped the rest with very distinct artistic detail and decided to post it on the internet for everyone else make comments for and to see what kind of people would leave comments like “where’d you get that” or where did you find that”. Only to come back later for the artist to see the comments that those… Read more »


    Next time, for all you commenters out there, lets make smarter decisions on what we write. It makes you sound better through words of expression.

    anonymous user

    Props to whoever made this drawing. Loving the interpretation


    um, kind of creepy. why when they show “realistic” drawings of cartoon characters do they look so nightmarish?