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  • real cyclops

    one-eye kitty

    I do not think anyone posted this little creature yet,

    he lived for but a few days last year…

    This is a Peacock


    Cthulhu 2008


    “why vote for a lesser evil?”

    VW Bus sidecar kinda


    You’re Doing It Wrong!

    hung like a horse

    You think he’d know better.

    Beware of Sarcastic Dog

    Smart ass dog...

    Hold Me Close Graffiti

    Please hold me.

    Hello Kitty Ferrari

    pink ferrari

    Would you drive it? You’d need to wear a pink tutu.

    Before the Internet…

    cat and bunny in clothes

    there was Harry Whittier.

    Katrina You Bitch


    Chainsaw Bike

    Where's the chains?

    The Dolmette Chainsaw Bike

    Baby Shower Cake

    Baby Shower Cake

    Chicken Head


    good to have this as a reminder..

    Fight Sheep

    Kick Some Sheep's Ass!

  • Kingfisher with Fish


    You can just hear the little fish screaming “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!”

    Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

    Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition

    Does this car remind anyone else of the Batmobile?

    Going there… with God?

    “When I met Lou, his doctors had informed him that he had three months to live. We stretched that three months to twenty-three years of sheer joy and happiness. We traveled all over the world and took seventy-nine wonderful cruises together.

    This book is about literally bringing God into your love life. God gave me this idea because I was concerned about my husbands heart every time we made love. This book is for all couples, and even for those who are seeking companionship. Begin this wonderful experience with God at the helm and your relationship will blossom”



    When the only way to kill a terrorist is with a one-handed pushup.

    Dress Rip


    Shitty Shoes


    Cow Patties!

    Pop News


    Bomber Support Crew


    Fuck yeah!

    Precarious Seating


    Nice Poppy


    I said POPPY.  It’s a POPPY.

    Rule #34


    Rule #34 has just proven itself.

    Slick Anti-war graffiti

    Anti-war graffiti

    [stop sign shadow]

    Windows Tattoo

    Windows Tattoo

    I’ve seen some strange ink, but this guy has the Blue Screen of Death.

    PowerPuff Girls Z meet other cartoons


    I’m seeing a few I recognize… the original PowerPuff girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Tom & Jerry, Secret Squirrel, to name a few…

    Incredible Hulk

    Incredible Hulk