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This was distributed as an advertisement with the regional newspaper one day. Big uproar about journalistic neutrality afterwards.


Islam is not a person, it’s an idea. These xenophobic Muslims who wish to kill as many people as possible, even if that means that they have to commit suicide, aren’t actual Muslims, but mentally ill.
If any other person were willing to do that, just not in the name of a religion – they would get institutionalized.


NEVER FORGET! The CIA trained them and supports dictatorships. Also we have religious fanatics just as fanatical as Muslim extremists. Hypocrisy is the human way. Never forget!


@dieAntagonista: I believe your statement was covered under the specification “Radical Islam”.

Defined, very Amero-centrically, as the Muslims who want to kill Westerners, a lot of them, with their own lives, if necessary. If any other one person did that, we’d institutionalize them, religion or not. But if a whole group of them did it, in the name of religion, in an organized manner, we call that organized crime. And if there’s religion attached, we call it a dangerous terrorist cult.


My room mate and I both received this DVD in the mail. What bothered me was that we were each sent one BY NAME.

@Puulaahi: Every belief system has it’s fringe extreme elements. When they start racking up the body count that al-Qaeda and other Islamic fundamentalist groups have, you can make an accurate comparison.


@wookie_x: More people have been killed in wars for whatever stupid reason than by the Al-Quaeda. Doesn’t make it any better just because it wasn’t in the name of religion. And in the end where is the actual difference, isn’t ending the life of one person just as bad as ending the lives of one hundred? There is no excuse for either group. @ieattime20: Well those people weren’t born brainwashed like that. There are few people who spread radical Islam like a disease, they are the root of the problem. Yes it is organised crime, but religion has little to… Read more »


Got this in the mail. Watched about 5 minutes before deciding it was one-sided propaganda garbage. “Osama Bin Laden’s scary! Phear the terra-ists! Give up your rights or they’re gonna gitchoo!”


@7footJesus: Really? Much respect.


@dieAntagonista: We could get into some kind of huge pissing contest about who’s right and who’s wrong, but it really doesn’t matter. We could type a thousand words back and forth, and all the people who’ve died in stupid senseless fighting would still be dead. Instead, I’m going to bring up the idea that there are millions upon millions of dead people, people are dying now, and will continue to die as long as we hold up socio-political ideals above human life. Of all the things to kill over, land or territory or resources, I have to put religious wars… Read more »


@7footJesus: About what I’d expect. Islam is the religion of love. Just like every other religion. Even satanists and pagans (they rock! Woohooo). Everyone is just in a hurry to get it all twisted over cash/money, water, oil and slaves are involved. Really it’s inevitable, religion is just a mask over what is really going on. Wookie – socio-political ideas have everything to do with a human life. Quality of life is everything. The Crusades, Witch Trials and Spanish Inquisition – I know there are more. Comparing religious extremists death count is just so silly. Like comparing loonies in the… Read more »

tiki god

I actually got this movie in the mail, no joke. No clue how it got to me, but it’s still sitting on my “to watch” pile. keeps falling down the pile though and never gets watched :/


@tiki god: I got it too, Tiki. As I said, it bothers me that the people who put out this propaganda have my name and address on a list somewhere. Not all of my friends got it. Not even all of my neighbors got it. It’s enough to make a man paranoid.


@Puulaahi: Oh, and human lives should dictate socio-political ideals, not the other way around.


I need a laugh, is it online anywhere?