Requiem For A Dream

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An amazing film. Should be shown to every high school student as part of an anti-drug program (hard drugs anyway). They’ll never touch the stuff.

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    ASS-2-ASS !!!


    I don’t know, something might be wrong with me, but this movie didn’t shock me. I wouldn’t do hard drugs anyway, but even if I wanted to, this movie wouldn’t shock me to the point where I don’t wanna do it.

    tiki god

    eh, the whole ‘necrotic arm that had to be removed’ bit and the ‘ass 2 ass’ bit was something that would turn me off.

    also, going insane. yeah, that’s a bad thing too.


    Well it certainly didn’t turn me on. But it was far from typical or realistic. If you want to see a realistic movie about drug addicts, then watch “We Children From Bahnhof Zoo”. It’s based on a real story about a 14 year old girl from Berlin who got addicted to drugs and almost died because of it. It’s a German movie.

    And going insane is a privilege my friend.


    The films proper name is Christiane F isnt it?
    Thats the one Bowie was involved with.


    On IMDB the title is “Christiane F. – Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo”, yes.
    Indeed, Bowie is in it as well. Pretty spectacular.

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