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    Of all the things to finally get me to register…I have three words regarding this film:
    Read. The. Book.
    Don’t get me wrong, this is great film and all, but the adaptation KILLED me.
    If you haven’t seen it, try and find the James Woods'(Jack Crow) rant about vampires talking to the padre, superb! (Something I always come back with to those Anne Rice/Stephenie Meyer fans)


    Fuck books and fuck you.


    I’ll read the book if I can get my hands on it.
    @Skifter: is the book really good, or just better than the movie? Well either way, sounds like something I’d like to read.


    @Skifter: To quote John Caparulo: “people who read are just being difficult. Stop it. We’ve invented better stuff. You know why we invented movies? Because books suck. Let’s see. I could watch the movie in 2 hours, or I could grab a book, lean up against a tree, get lost in a world of make believe and become gay!”


    *Accepts his “Welcome to the Interwebs” basket from Dreth*
    @dieAntagonista–In the end it came down to content. What is it, one page written translates into one minute of screen time? They had to sacrifice most of the story, instead focusing on just a few key events and reinventing the driving plot. I saw the movie first and loved it. John Steakley is one of my favorite writers (Having penned this and Armor) and it took me several years to find this book, finally discovering it in a used book store. The hunt was worthwhile.


    What sticks out most in my mind is the line: “If he gets the black cross he will become unstoppable… unless we stop him.”


    @the3g_ipwn: Haha yeah that was funny. But it’s not true. Books are the reason why there are still intelligent people out there. I don’t have to tell you how unhealthy it is to watch TV, and reading is the only way to effectively absorb information. In many studies it has been proven that when you watch TV, your brain gets too much information too fast. And they found that it makes people aggressive, little kids are more likely to just beat each other for no reason after watching TV for too long. Besides, books are a great exercise for the… Read more »


    I never read the book, but the movie was great. I loved it. Seriously.

    Jack Crow: “Let me ask you a question. When you were stabbing that vampire in there?”
    Father Adam Guiteau: “Yeah?”
    Crow: “Did you get a little wood?”
    Father Guiteau: “Mahogany.”
    Crow: “Excuse me?”
    Father Guiteau: “Ebony.”
    Crow: “What?”
    Father Guiteau: “Teak.”
    Crow: “Are you possessed by demons?”
    Father Guiteau: “Major Chubby.”
    Jack Crow: “Language, Padre, language!”

    Any questions?


    one of my all-time favorite books. i literally carry it around with me. that and “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” which is my other favorite book. the movie was absolute garbage.