there will be blood

there will be blood

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    Ahhh theme days..

    Pages & pages of autistic repetitive spamming of one topic doesn’t ever garner interest. Isn’t it odd how at the end of these “theme days” most posts are along the lines of “arrrg make it stop”

    Variety is the spice of life.. work it out.


    Wow, it’s beautiful.

    And I enjoy repetitive spamming of one topic. It’s like masturbation.


    I see a straw in the middle there, but where milkshake?


    Yeah but is the movie any good? 🙂


    Summary of this movie:
    -Guy finds oil, tells a professional guy
    -Professional Guy drills for oil, finds it.
    -Professional Guy’s son goes deaf, and the kid hates the guy forever
    -The whiny guy that gave permission to drill is a whiny bitch that wants money for his “church”
    -The professional guy kills the whiny guy. This is the only scene with blood.


    So basically the title is just a *wee bit* misleading then… LOL


    What a piece of crap. I thought the creepy god kid was faking for money- only to find out he’s not faking. Just bad acting.. i hate bad acting. the professional guy was alright.