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    tiki god

    you have to click through from the polemic site you linked to get to Politico where they say:

    Richmond, a national co-chair to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, will focus on outreach with grassroots organizations, public interest groups and advocacy groups, including the NAACP. He’s also expected to serve as a liaison with the business community and climate change activists. Bloomberg News first reported on Richmond’s new role.

    Also, turns out the guy was Biden’s campaign manager.


    My “polemic” cites his history and voting record. But hey, you have an article that paraphrases a press release, so I guess that’s better. I’m sure the fossil fuel industry shill will be great then.

    And you mention that he was Biden’s campaign manager as if that were to mean ANYTHING except that Biden’s commitment to any progressive change is paper fucking thin to start with.

    Last edited 2 years ago by fatherdougal

    I’m old enough to remember when both parties abandoned the nation in the midst of a pandemic without a relief bill so that they could have a holiday and fellate the donor class for a while. (August) These people don’t care about you. They wouldn’t cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire. And every one of you motherfuckers thinking “oh thank God, things are normal and now I can go back to not thinking about politics at all for 4 more years” is just punting on everything that is wrong and paving the way for a smarter, more popular, more intractable and infinitely more dangerous Trump down the road.


    So what would have been a “win” for you….?


    Biden getting elected is a win of sorts. I mean, sure, the Dems did embarrassingly poorly downticket, but still: Orange man bad, etc. And now he’s out. But if a Biden victory means back to neoliberal bullshit as usual (spoiler alert: it probably does) then this does not bode well down the line. Centrist policies that continue to enrich the top 1% while the world circles the drain is not a sustainable model. It led to Trump, and it will lead to worse in the future.

    As for what I personally would consider a “win”? If I get to be magical in my thinking, then we go back in time and unratfuck Bernie so he can get elected in a landslide. But given the current circumstances the closest we can get to a win is big noise and big support for actual popular policies. You know, things that 60%, 70% and even more of Americans support: universal healthcare, a living wage, a functional social safety net, the green new deal, and so forth. A general strike might put the fear of God into a Biden administration and force them to actually do something to benefit the people who elected them.But seeing as this is America we’re talking about, that’s prolly as likely as my time machine + unfuck Bernie scenario.


    Fair enough. But I just don’t see that happening in a country where nearly half the votes were still for Trump….where half the voters think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are socialists…where you can’t expand social programs because sociallism is a dirty word.
    America isn’t ready to join the rest of the Western world in the 21st century….they’re still trying to impose the 1950s on everyone else….


    And here’s where I get to play optimist (it’s a rare thing, granted). So the USA has shit voter turnout, right? I mean, downright embarrassing. And to have the voter turnout be such garbage in THIS election year? Fucking nuts. However, when you have a ticket with dedicated and sincere pple running on leftie platforms, like the squad and the new members that ran on m4a and won, then a shit-tonne of those people who do not vote, the people who say “fool me 18 times, fuck all y’all”, actually DO go out and vote. And I’m not talking Obama style feel good smoke and mirrors faux incremental bullshit. I mean ACTUAL progressive policies. They get out the vote. So social programes and iniversal healthcare could indeed happen in the States. I don’t know if it could happen within the Democratic party, since their leadership is more concerned with preserving power than with doing a damned thing with it, and god forbid they do anything that would offend pharma, oil, or anyone else signing cheques for them. But who knows, maybe it will.

    Ugh. I hate optimism. If it happens, it’ll be too slow, too little too late. We’re all doomed. Phew, that feels better!

    tiki god

    “both” parties didn’t do that. the democrats have had multiple bills ready for the senate to get off their asses, but surprise surprise, the republican majority in the senate has no idea what to do with them and they’ve been kicking the can down the road since fucking MARCH.

    the really telling thing is going to be what happens after the Georgia primaries and if the Dems get the majority in the senate. will they then come down with forgetfulness and not pass anything after January 20, 2021.

    what your referring to is when everyone went on recess to go do work back in their home districts. I’m sure you can guess which party left DC without signing anything into law to help the people that needed the help, and which party went home because there was literally nothing left that they could do.


    Don’t give me that. The Democrats fucked off for their regular August recess, pandemic be damned. It’s not like there is an unprecedented emergency going on and people need relief to survive. So off to kiss some asses and fluff some donors. “Ohh, but they had to go home and work back in their home districts”… You know what their home districts would have appreciated? Some fucking relief. But hey, not now. Bad time folks. Wait til we get back. Except that the motherfuckers shot down the shitty Republican bil when they came back in September because when you’re as fucking out of touch as a Dem congressperson, NO relief is better than mediocre relief. Who cares if people go hungry or start getting evicted again? Not your member of congress. Fuck the lot of them.

    And the Dems will not get a majority in the senate. Which suits them just fine because then they get to pretend their inaction is all the fault of that obstructionist piece of shit McConnell. But even if by some miracle they do get a majority, they’ll still do jack shit of real substance ’cause that’s how they roll.

    Last edited 2 years ago by fatherdougal
    tiki god

    they absolute did fuck right off for their August recess, but after giving a bill to the senate to approve or come to committee on, but that bill is still sitting on Mcconnell’s desk gathering dust.

    the “both parties” thing is something that only republicans want you to think, because “both parties” are not the same.


    And the hits keep coming. In case you were worried that Big Pharma wouldn’t get a voice, their pal and lobbyist Steve Ricchett is already bellying up to the trough.


    “• Ricchetti served as chief of staff to Biden during his second term as vice president and deputy chief of staff for operations for then-President Bill Clinton. Between government jobs, Ricchetti’s lobbying firm represented groups including the American Hospital Association, Health Insurance Association of America, drugmakers such as Eli Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer and Sanofi-Aventis, General Motors and communications firms such as AT&T and Nextel. Before joining the campaign, Ricchetti was managing director of the Penn Biden Center.”

    tiki god

    I’m not sure if you thought that he was only going to fill his cabinet with BLM and transgender studies college students?


    No, I kinda expected him to fill it with pharma and petrochemical toadies, wall street types, and other assorted vermin. But I don’t like him. You apparently do. So tell me, does it not trouble you?


    Did really anyone vote FOR Biden? Or was almost everyone voting AGAINST Trump? Do you actually know anyone who was excited for Biden as the new president? I’m relieved the stupid asshole is removed from office, but now it seems the Known Evil is back in the house. That’s just my impression from the other side of the globe.

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