Big Ass Truck

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A truck made out of a F650. See those tanks under the doors? Those are gas tanks. 108 gallon gas tanks. On either side. Its also a diesel. Small Penis Syndrome, anyone? (Note: diesel at approx 5 dollars a gallon multiplied by just those gas tanks, at 216 gallons, is 1090 dollars to fill them.)

More at

Scroll down to see the super huge boat one is pulling and the one with a dump truck bed.


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    just because one has a large truck does not mean the penis is a teenie weenie.

    sometimes a large truck is a much needed tool


    Sounds like TaiyedMan might be jealous…

    Because people who say “Small Penis Syndrome, anyone?” are just attempting to devalue the hard work of other people.

    A 100k boat should be pulled by a 100K truck.


    all vehicles are tragic, first off they all drive on roads which chops up the planet into small pockets of nature which can no longer support diverse species of animals. Then the damn things all drive on Gas, which is like a bazillion dollars. Third, these things are speeding metal contraptions which kill things on impact, no one needs speeding metal contraptions roaming around the earth, that’s insane. I skateboard, walk or take public transportation. If you live in the subburds, you’re a hick and should move to the city where we have culture.


    Some people need big trucks. Some people have Escalades who have never opened the rear doors of their vehicle.

    I had a buddy come home from boot camp who said he wanted a big truck because it made him feel powerful.

    I think spending less than 100 dollars to fill your tank is also somewhat empowering.




    Thanks for showiung your shear stupidity.
    How do you think supplies get to your city – ROADS.
    And where do you ride public transportation and your skateboard?…
    Besides, speeding metal contraptions rock!

    Support PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals


    public trans is a lot better, there are less vehicles on the road and subways are tubes underground for the most part. I only skateboard because it’s smaller than a bike, i had a small apt., i got a big one now. I could bike, i don’t need no stinking roads to bike. I’m not stupid, I’m actually very smart, but everyone is susceptible to a spout of stupidity now and again. I’m just saying it’s not me right now. For example you’re being stupid right now, but how useful really is it for me to tell someone who is being stupid that, no in fact they are stupid. Mute point cited, keep on driving hill billy, I hope your road doesn’t dead end, but that seems unlikely.


    im a vegan too bro, i killed a cockroach yesterday and felt terrible about it.

    As above so below. Do as to others as you would have them do unto you. Besides those two simple laws of reality I’m also aware that meat and dairy are harmful to consume and a tragedy of the spirit beside being economically inviable. Meat turns to poison during its long rot in digestion, absorbed by your colon. Dairy will rot too, but has a unique ability to turn your immune system off for eight hours after every consumption. No other animal cosumes diary after weening and cow milk is for heifers. An all vegan diet is a common approach to universal health treatment and has been found to cure cancer with special homeopathic rehabilitating techniques including a caffeine enema to flush your colon of all that rotting poison you acquired from your carnivore meals. Foods fucked, even Vegan’s have trouble now since all food is Genetically modified.


    Go take a shower, hippy.


    If there were no ‘burbs, there’d be no cities and vice-versa. It’s kinda hard to grow enough food in city limits and unless you want to share your big apartment, you should prolly just let us stay in hicksville.


    that should be “Go take a shower, hippy troll.”



    Successful Troll is Successful!

    And hmmmmm, when u say cities have more culture, what you mean by more culture is 100 times higher rates of muggings, murders, rapes, and dirty filthy shit everywhere right? Fuck if I’ll ever live in a goddamn major city.


    @>) hvymetal86

    Every city has an area of higher violence but most of the city is usually very friendly and quite enjoyable. I moved 18 times around the east coast from top to bottom & washington state; all semi-city suburbs type places. Then I moved to NYC and have really enjoyed myself for the 8 years I’ve been here. There’s seriously more happening in a place like NYC or L.A. than you could find anywhere else in America. I bet the same is true in every country, there’s just way more art in cities.


    Side note actually pertaining to the posted image, my friend’s dad has a custom truck made from an F-350, which while not as powerful, or as large cabbed, has a 14ft bed, which is a larger bed than any of the F-650s on that site.


    Having worked in construction… I can’t think of a damn use of this vehicle except for makings one’s penis seem bigger.

    Even F350s have their purpose on small scale construction and hauling projects.


    EVIL ILLUMINATI has got to go. although great at generalizing and roping people into stupid arguments, it’s the CAPS LOCK ASSAULT and constant bigass paragraphs he leaves everywhere that bothers me.

    p.s. things have to die so others stay alive. vegans’ progress will be to steer humans away from eating mammals. a cockroach would eat your babies to stay alive.


    A skilled troll looks stupid in order to bring out the stupidity in the most dull, non-contributing poster. If I were Tiki, I would use this thread as a reference: Basically anyone who acted aghast at EI is clearly a non-contributor, not smart enough for Innernets and ban material.


    people can grow all their own food in the city, they just don’t and it’s a shame. Greenhouses are a super easy solution. A hydroponic greenhouse is better and an aero-ponic greenhouse would be the best. Cities probably came before suburbs, suburbs are sort of recent from industrialization. The ability to mass produce things and shopping malls which came from the escalator & air conditioning. Burbs are way too spread out. Le Corbusier, one of the best Architects, had a great preference for social habitation which was called “Towers in the Park”, which would be super concentrated cities spread apart between nature. I prefer anarchy as a system anyways so who am I to complain, just a cognitive dissonance.


    this truck needs a cab for the bed so it looks like a limousine

    thx Caio



    Cars rock.

    You forget the thousands of jobs provided by the auto industry to workers who would have otherwise been out on the streets.

    and by the way “Cognitive Dissonance” means your brain doesn’t work correctly, saying that your thoughts are clashing and reducing their individual strength. Your brain is the equivalent of noise cancelling headphones.

    As to the Truck- If you need a truck to haul a large boat and the corresponding maintenance crew, this is quite practical.


    I bet with all those gas tanks, it can go 20 miles between fill-ups.


    I swear, if I ever see one of these on the road, I’m going to bomb the fucker. Seriously. No one needs to be driving something like that, not just for the gas abuse. ( Hello, I live in Florida, land of gas crisis when a hurricane comes, so when some dipshit is filling his hummer up when there’s a fuel shortage, I get this sort of rage. . . ) but that’s not safe to drive, at least for someone without a commercial driving license. The fucker is nearly as big a semi, and not just any douche can drive one of those. Sorry, but serious accident waiting to happen with that much fuel with a moron driver, because let’s face it, most people who drive these big things can’t drive.

    casemods UID# 667

    Nobody needs to be driving semi trucks either, right?

    Having driven 20ft flatbeds and box trucks from penske as a pre-built custom stage erector, I can say this truck would have been perfect for a crew of 9 or less (assuming each set of doors holds 3) with a trailer full of shit.

    Anyone who buys a truck like that probably has money and/or a business/use for it, otherwise, you should feel sorry for them, as they just like the looks they get when they drive around in it.

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