Tallahassee Phallic Capitol Building


Looks like a giant cock and balls, eh? Tallahassee yay!

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    Wow. I can’t believe they didn’t realize this during construction. You’d think someone would say “OMG! A GAINT COCK!”


    Bah, we Nebraskans got yall beat. the Lincoln capitol building looks like Barad-Dur

    beep beep

    Ah! Ctrl-Alt-Elite is on the same brainwaves as me. Of course, I was born in Lincoln, NE.

    Can we not say “p3nis” in the comments?


    I live in Lincoln, NE where no building can be taller than the “p3nis of the plains” oh yeah. and no beep beep apparently we can’t say that evil word.

    tiki god

    If there’s anything you should learn from Colin it’s that the comments aren’t censored for saying penis or pussy, twat or cock. So feel free.

    this girl

    I see why Gov’nah Bush likes it there.